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VOIP into a PBX

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    I think the reason you can’t call them is..
    Because when they connect they get
    a different IP address each time.
    If cable then maybe everytime they turn on their computer they get a
    different IP address.
    In short your system doesn’t know their address because it keeps changing.
    Their firewall program might be causing the same problem.
    Just some thoughts.
    I don’t have a webswitch so I might be way of base.

    Good Luck,


    Thanks for the reply. I already study 1k’s possibilities, tried averything or it must be something very simple or I don’t know what I’m doing. The IP both sides are fixes, my side has a router but the ws 100 is sitting on DMZ, the other side doesn’t have a router, just a computer to feed the WS100. I thougt something with firmware or a need for a gatekeeper. If you have any guess, let me know… at this point I just don’t know what to do…Thanks in advance…Luis.

    Syed Karim

    I want to start VOIP with Quintum gatekeeper and 16 tellular phones. But I dont know how to start it, and who will provide me in opposite side. If any one suggest me I will be gratefull.
    Is there any easy process to start the VOIP.Thanks



    I really feel that the problem must be on their end….
    Try some expermenting…
    Does someone out there have an
    IP address that Luis can try to connect to?
    Let’s help each other isn’t that what this is about????
    If I had something to do it with I would try to call you in a heart beat..
    You have to determine if the problem is on your end or theirs…
    If someone else can call you then the problem is on their end..
    IE: If someone else (who can connect with other people )
    But can’t conect with you,,,
    Then the problem is on your end.

    Step #1
    Find out where the problem is..
    before you look for a solution..
    Just some thoughts,
    You have to determine if the problem is on your end or thier’s..
    I wish I could be more help..


    Juan Carlos G..
    the ericsson boxes, I have one hooked up to a provider using H323, no gatekeeper registration, and a single entry in the phone book that routes all calls to the provider. Also another problem with these units is setting the caller id number because the configuration software only lets you set the caller id name. email me: with any ericsson questions.


    i ve got a WebSwitch 100 with me, but i lost the CD, from where i can get the NetManager, anybody please help me out



    email me, I have a copy in a zip file I ca nsend you.



    Hello, everybody;

    This problem seems to affect other Webswitch 100 P4 users. Upon power-up, the lights flash one after another while device boots but the power light never gets on. This happened after I performed a reset on the unit (by going off-hook on port 1 and pressing ‘*’ for about 30 sec. I once left it powered off overnight and it booted normally but I had no access to the unit through the manager, so I performaed the reset again, but now, after 2 days unplugged, the problem persists. A thought is that there might be some static or electrically charge condenser that would require to be discharged, but not knowing where to put the screwdriver seems as a dangerous proposition. Does anybody know how to solve this issue? Note: You cannot reset the unit if the power led isn’t on, as no current will go to the FXS ports and the phone will not work. Nevertheless, the LAN port is active, so another solution would be to try to access it via TELNET. Does anybody have the USERID/PASSWORD to access teh unit via telnet?
    Please reply to



    Hi Lobo,
    I think I had this problem before. All yellow lights flashes and the green power does not come on… With me, I a wrong Ip in the gatekeeper, or put to automatic seach, and another wrong IP in the gateway. I used a router and set up a same Ip for the gateway that I had on gateway on the webswitch. The power light came on and I could reset it. Good luck. Luis.



    I would like to know if the WS of Ericsson works on a SIP provider ( Deltathree) ????

    Please.. does anyone know..?¡

    I will ask to the noc.


    Ericsson does not support SIP, only H323.


    Does anyone know wich ports the webswitch 100 P4 uses?



    The webswitch uses the following ports:
    1720 TCP ( signalling )
    30000-30011 UDP AND TCP BOTH!! very important!



    Looking to get access to the WebSwitch 100 was delivered to us with out manual or access to the Web manager. Does anyone have the manuals on PDF I could get? Is there a way to set the unit to its default password or is there one?



    There is no manuals or Web software, the only thing is the software CD that came with the units new. If you have that, open it and press F1 and you will get the help/setup guide. If not, email me and I have the configurator software in zip format.


Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 58 total)
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