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Voicemaster feedback anyone?

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    Honza Vomacka

    And what are you going to do if something goes wrong and you need support? To run billing system without proper support is like driving a car with a non-functioning breaks: everything goes great up to some point, and then it is just over…
    Get a good billing system with a good support: PortaBilling100 is a good choice: it is a mature product from a respectable company. In addition to all the features and excellent support you get the source code, which you can study or modify if necessary

    Unsatisfied customer

    I already know people to unlock the modules but I am trying to get rid of this greed driven product. I am out of the biz and want nothing to do with this company ever again.


    We will buy anyones used VoiceMasters who wish to get rid of them. We’ve been using the products for the last two years without a problem.

    Admittedly the support from SysMaster can be a problem if you are not in their time zone but with a local dealer and some proper training you should have no problems.

    All people interested in selling their units please send me a mail including the unit serial number and modules included to:




    Exhaust ALL other options before going to sysmaster.
    We returned it in 7 days.
    Unhappy customer…now happy to be rid of.


    Need some help with my VM. It hangs at “Voicemaster is now booting”. I’m using VM2000 ver 1.1. I will appreciate any help at all, don’t have support at this moment. Call on (646) 843 2221 or e-mail:


    I have had a very rough story with my purchase but there are 2 ways to go on this, wether you just forget about it or you get the last mile and finally get your system working.
    My applications are mostly wholesale, billing and routing, managing 10 wholesale customers, 8M minutes a month the equipment with version 2.0 works PERFECT, I do not have a single database lock-up, gatekeeper reboot or anything similar, I have learned of the limitations of my system and got to polish my knowledge also on what can be done and how this can be done, I will be more than happy to post-reply to anybody that has an specific problem with Voicemaster FOR FREE, I can spend yo to 1 hour with anyone of you guys and get thru your problems making your system work with the application that you are planning to run, make sure that if you do not have the available modules you will not get an inch further with your product, you can also log your comments or requests at is a Forum prepared to server specific Voicemaster Support questions and also Cisco and Quintum.





    As someone who has used a Voicemaster for quite sometime, my simple advice is for you to do an upgrade to the latest version of the firmware. As Saul has said the latest version (2.0) is the most stable that they have had to date, though I notice a number irritating interface usability issues this version has that others prior didnt, e.g. the Logon window behaves erratically, the username box and submit button do not always get the focus when the logon window loads and when that happens using the Tab key to move the cursor does not work, this is replicated across almost all dialogs in the Voicemaster. Trying to cut and paste a value e.g. Account ID from one place to another do not work. These are just little examples of sloppy programming which i believe will be corrected in subsequent releases, the product otherwise does what it says it does when you understand and appeciate its complexities.

    You mentioned using version 1.1, if you have a support contract with Sysmaster, just do an upgrade, most problems disappear when you do this, if they dont then at least you have the designer’s door to knock on, Sysmaster’s Support is a million times better than it was a few months ago. If you dont, then at least get a 8/5/180 support contract, that way you can at least discuss your problems with them when you have knotty problem that cant be resolved by posting on a forum, otherwise you wont get past their automated switchboard.


    Anyone looking for Sysmaster products and they are not interested in dealing with the company. Post your information here and I will make sure you get great deals on equipment without support fees and all of the crap that comes with Voicemasters BIG ATTITUDE. I will beat their pricing by 1-2 thirds.

    Old Noname to everyone

    Well, It happened. Time to say goodbye.
    For a long time, I have been using the “handle” Noname to post on this forum.
    I guess I spent too time on other forums.
    But now that several people jumped on the badnwagon,ofering services and sales of equipment using my handle it is time to change directions.
    Noname signing off. The real, original one say “godbye”



    Hi buddy,

    as I told you before – that forum is turning into crap. And the reason for this is the ridiculous policy of the forum owners. I would like to see what is going to happen when all the people (3-4 max) who answer all the questions here will leave. Maybe then the owners of the forum are going to answer? 🙂

    Forum Moderator

    Did we miss something?

    The only policies we have (and we enforce actively) is that we will not allow a person posting to promote their own product or service. We also sometimes remove the email addresses on postings in order to promote discussion online, for everyone’s benfit rather than having discussions taken offline.

    The first policy is to stop real discussion being diluted by advertising, and the second policy is to make this a place for discussion rather than a meeting place.

    Saul about stable versions

    VOicemaster always issues a new version to solve a problem on the previous version but they have to change always something else so this changes create a new problem for the upcoming version, the most stable version I have worked with is 2.01 SIP and H323, there are some issues with the gatekeeper neighborhood on version 2.01, if you add a gatekeeper you will not be able to erase it, I think the latest version is 2.02, I support Sysmaster equipment because of 10 bad things you can find 6 good ones and that works for me, probably not for eveyone but for me it does, I stoped trying to make it the perfect equipment because IT IS NOT, but is a pretty good one.

    Helping Voicemaster Users

    Whoever is experiencing a problem with Voicemaster and needs help, I will give 2 hours session per individual to solve the problems that you may be experiencing at no charge, send me a detail explanation of your problem to and it will respond in the order received, the solutions will be posted in the forum to help everybody who has a similar problem if you agree.

    New Noname

    You will have to excuse me noname. Before you even started on this forum I was using no name. As a matter of fact I used it in others as well. Its been a while since I signed on here so if you dont have the copyright to the name noname then understand others may think of it also.

    Panama Sam

    We have VM 2.01 and can not configure it with Nextone switches. What is our problem?

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 63 total)
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