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Voicemaster feedback anyone?

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    Saul Bejarano

    I like this product and I think this equipment feets in my network like a glove.

    Saul Bejarano

    Obviously there are various opinions but there is nothing like real people giving real face.
    Responding to your question about Sysmaster, I have 3 prepaid calling card people:
    Rani Phone (Velo Solutions Canada) and myself and a parend company that we are working with Sysmaster for already 1 year.
    For the price you get a unique product capable of managing both retail and wholesale traffic.
    I got so far connected 1 thousand simultaneous calls and the product responds good, the billing syncs and the hability to provide me a friendly graphic user interface is great.

    I have never spoken bad about a product because I think that every product has an specific market and service area, so far Sysmaster has proven to be very reliable and due to the fact that manages signaling H323 and SIP allows calls to connect without using bandwitdh resources, for those that are trying to get into the retail business of prepaid calling cards and the ones that are in the broker arena, this equipment is a life saver.
    you receive calls as a gateway, manage calls as a gatekeeper, route like a softswitch and redirect again as a gateway including billing in many flavors and variants on the same box.
    So fat they say the box handles 2,000 simultaneous calls, I have tested 1,000 max and the equipment is running well in resources.
    I am colocated at the Nap of the americas terremark in Miami ,FL and most of my traffic is to South and Central america.
    For those that really want to get a real idea of this equipment and how I use it making good profit.

    not happy

    VoiceMaster is a very good product. but my only feedback and opinion is about the company itself (sysmaster). their only problem is the customer service. They have technical people who don’t really know their products. You can spend 30 min on the phone and at the end they till u to write an email and then they’ll reply to you. not only the technical people, even their sales people. It takes them more than a week to reply to a future customer who wants more info or looking for a demo. other than that the product is very good.


    In the asterisk ( world the same $15,000 used for one sysmaster can get you two seperate systems with 8 T1/E1s each for a total of 16 E1/ T1s both systems with the following:

    Heterogeneous Voice over IP gateway (MGCP, SIP, H.323, IAX)
    Private Branch eXchange (PBX)
    Custom Interactive Voice Response (IVR) server
    Conferencing server
    Number translation
    Calling card application
    Predictive dialer
    Call queuing with remote agents
    Remote offices for existing PBX
    Voicemail server
    Use regular phones, IP Phones, softphones, or all three

    We dont have dongles that keep our systems from functioning.

    IAX and SIP work flawlessly behind NAT. There is no one size fits all, if you need something custom built to fit YOUR specific needs the source code is INCLUDED so if you can’t find what you need, you can either have us build it or you can build it yourself!

    Welcome to Open Source.


    VoiceMaster is one of the most developed IP billing systems on the market today, the secret is to try and find a local dealer to support you.

    The actual basic system is very powerful and there are additional functionality modules for almost every scenario thinkable.

    We’ve installed a number of these and run one ourselves, it takes very little set up and once it’s up it’s very stable.

    Hope this helps.



    There is no “ultimate” billing solution, as there is no ultimate medication good for all patients against any sickness.
    Check that it has the features which are the most important _for you_.
    For example one of our clients was really annoyed by the fact that he was unable to specify in VoiceMaster rate change in advance, plus he had compatibility problems between his Sysmaster and his partner’s Ciscos – these were few of the reasons why he stopped using it.

    John M.

    Voicemaster is a great billing solution, the idea of integrating a gatekeeper to it was a good idea, however the gatekeeper running has some problems:
    1) If you send calls to a voicemaster from a Shout 2500 the fact that calls are generated with the same identification (Not supported under RFC for H323) this will make the Voicemaster Gatekeeper to reload and drop all the calls connected in a constant basis.
    2) If you want to send calls to another voicenaster you have to make sure you have the SoftSwitch Module
    3) Modules are not described or explained at all
    4) There is no manual or spec sheet that can guide you thru any of the voicemaster’s modules or equipment module, all is sudden very confusing when comes time to purchase an equipment and the basic configuration of 25 to 28 thousands can easily get to 38 thousand with some modules that you never expected you needed to do this or that.

    Summary: I recomend to purchase the basic voicemaster as a billing solution, get a 3660 or a 3745 from cisco with the IP switching module for ip to ip calls and use an external Cisco 7206 VXR as a gatekeeper.
    Then you have something that definitely will work.
    One more thing ( DO NOT EXPECT TECHNICAL SUPPORT ON THE PHONE ) No one answers after office hours, only emails, refuse the 24×7 technical service because you will not have it, if you do not believe me, call yourselves to the 1-800 number for support and let me know your results.

    Andrew Zhilenko

    > the idea of integrating a gatekeeper to it was a good idea
    I like Cisco approach with the GKTMP. In this way you can connect the GK to your billing system, or routing system, or a simple script – and you can always change them later… In this way you can use GK together with billing, but you are not forced to do so.



    Which Caribbean country are you planning to provide Voip services to?

    Shadreck Nkala

    We purchased VoiceMaster Billing system recently.We have dificulty in making it to work in any of the configurations. Symaster Support has been unable to help despite promises.Is there some one out there who is using this software who can help?
    We would appreciate even an offer for training.


    WOW!!!!!! Brand new and you could not make it work?????

    I am glad that I did not cave in to the high pressure sales pitches!!!!

    I feel sorry about you guys. it should not happens that way.

    Maybe someone from the company will feel the need to intervine and help??????
    Will be nice if you post the final results!!!!!


    When you legitimately purchase the the Voicemaster Billing System from Sysmaster, you get 180 days 8-5 support for free, you then subsequently have to decide whether to get the basic 8 – 5 or 24/7 version, I would recommend you go for 8-5 support as you do not get any added value by going for 24/7.

    The Voicemaster is very complex piece of equipment, you need a lot of hand holding when you start using it, but once you find your feet, it certainly does what is advertised. It is incredulous to believe that someone purchases a brand new piece of equipment worth thousands of dollars and does not get support from the company that has sold the hardware/software. Common guys….dont be suckers for that nonsense, there is an option to return the equipment within 30 days for a full refund if not satisfied, so how come this chap hasnt done so. I for one know that whats been said is not true as I currently have the Voicemaster is use and get support from Sysmaster, though their service could do with some improvement.

    Shadreck Nkala

    I have noted Eddie’s comments.I have no doubt that his Voicemaster works and he is happy.Iam glad that he also has noted that the equipment is complex and needs a lot of guidance for some one new to this equipment.I believe that we have an 8-5 support from Symaster.But the point is the equipment is still not working after several promises that they assist.It is true that we could have returned the equipment before 30 days.The fact is that 30 days have passed. We were hoping that this could be solved and we still hope that we can get some one like eddie with sufficient experience on this system who can help by starting us off.
    Judging from the comments on this forum, I have no doubt that the equipment works,but it needs some one to help us.If there is some one from Symaster listening, I would appreciate intervention from the company, with appropriate advise.


    What exactly is or are your problems, maybe I can of be of some assistance. Do you have any additional modules installed beyond what comes with the basic platform. Give a summary of what you are trying to do and I will see if I can be of any help….To be fair to you, the documentation of the system and associated modules does indeed leave a lot to be desired.

    John again

    I think his point is true. the supports sucks the very much. one month can pass while u still waiting for them. it takes 3 days minimum to answer yr email and most of the time the answer is not what u want. then u hvae to email again and explain to them and blah blah here goes the time and money. each time is gone, we loose around 3k or something. count that and u’ll see. and how about paying 14k for basic configuration with no manual? doesn’t that suck big time. the help file sucks bigger time. also, their gateway, has no manual? then u’ll have to pay them 500USD just for setup, what the hell??? tell me i’m wrong

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 63 total)
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