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Voicemaster feedback anyone?

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    we can help you with your Voicemasters even train you if need be i hope this doesnt break the rules but e-mail me on

    Shadreck Nkala

    Dear Eddie,
    We have a basic voicemaster module with billing, Radius and Gatekeeper functions.
    We would like to set up the system as a gatekeeper for Quintum Gateways,radius Server and Billing Server for diferent types of clients.

    Saul Bejarano

    I got up to 21 E1’s of traffic in one single voicemaster, I cannot say that has been ZERO problems, but most of them have been really reasonable fast solved and the equipment is running very stable.
    We do not have to forget that the Voicemaster acting as a gatekeeper does not handles the payload but the signaling of SIP and H323 calls.
    If you have any question about training or purchase let me know I am in Miami, Florida.

    Shadreck Nkala

    Hi Saul,
    Thank you for your response.Iam pleased to hear that you are using this system under such heavy load.
    I could not understand the last part of your response, about the gatekeeper handling the payload.
    Can you clarify.
    Thank you for your assistance

    Chuzzie Abrams

    I have used sysmaster now for a good while. While, on the surface it seems to represent good value for money, I reckon its a terrible platform due to the non-existent support for it. Their attitude to support is autocratic: refusing to even look in depth at your system to analyse a problem, always eager to blame an obvious problem on a need for extra modules, selling you modules with no description and documentation, and generally not caring a dime about customers. If you base your business on this platform, well, you do so at a great risk to your business.

    Voicemaster was the first system I have ever come across in my lengthy history with IT and telecoms, where the customer is always wrong, and where the customers entire operations being down does not stimulate eagerness to assist the customer to resolve their problems .

    Embittered Alfie

    Someone has just pointed out this thread to me, and I have just read thru with interest.

    Its likely that the folks posting these positive comments about this platform are Sysmaster sales folks or some other employees ..

    Reliance on this platform practically killed off my business, and I know some other folks in the same shoes.

    We are in a position now where we are now scarmbling for alternatives to salvage something of our business.

    I will be contacting the and folks to commence looking at cost-effective alternatives.

    If you are considering this platorm, well don’t say you were not warned. Its OK if things work, but what will you do when they don’t and your vendor sticks two fingers at you and just ignores you. Will things go wrong, well almost always guarrantteed, because they have a policy of using their customers as beta-testers for software version releases which have not been tested at all. Then we you ‘dare’ to report a problem, they first tell you that there is nothing wrong, then soon follow it up with a recommendation for a new module.

    Good lukc if you buy the platform, you will certainly need it for the survival of your business.


    There are some positives and negatives here and we as a user and reseller have experienced both.

    The VoiceMaster solution does offer very good value for money (we used to sell similar packages 3-5 years ago for $500k+) and does offer modules to cover most eventualities. On the down side they can be difficult to deal with directly.

    We have provided a lot of on-site training for companies around the world on the VoiceMaster product, and when it is set up fully it is a great system.

    The best thing to do is find yourself a reseller who can provide you local support in your time-zone, or a company that offers true 24/7 cover – obviously the latter comes at a premium.

    If you have any questions I’d be glad to help.


    Shadreck Nkala

    Is Blue -Lava in a position to provide us with consultancy service for the setting up of the VM system and training, since we are in the same time zone?
    We would appreciate the assistance.



    I had Cisco 3660, the problem that i can not register with sysmaster, i made the right configuration as simple but no way, sysmaster support can not help, they will not support third party gateway (Strange).

    Thank you for help.

    Saul Bejarano

    Let me help you for free on that one.
    Contact me at or 305-588-2434


    Looking to sell a Voicemaster VM2000. It is in good working order. If anyone is interested in purchasing as an add on to an exhisting VoiceMaster contact me. My email is

    No Name


    Which version of voicemaster was stable? 1.8.1 ? or 1.7.2 ? I understand you are having problem with 1.9 .


    I agree with Embittered Alfie. If you want to through your money away, then buy a VoiceMaster. We have one now for over 2 years. Their Tech Support doesn’t know zip all. Boris Panteleev, the owner is the most arrogant person I have ever come in contact with. When you have a problem, the first thing he rights is that YOUR configuration is wrong. They change things in their upgrades version over version without tell you. At the end of the month, you notice that you lost lots of money without them taking the responsibility. Don’t buy VoiceMaster.

    Unsatisfied Customer

    I am tired of Sysmaster and their attitude. All they do is care about charging you for upgrades, modules and maybe even conversations. Greed is going to ruin them. I am a customer of theirs who has purchased about 100k of equipment and yet they still nickel and dime me for everything. You would think that they put some of that money into their support but they dont. They are just a bunch of engineers who do not know how business is supposed to be run in order to stay around more than two or three years. Good luck to them. I will tell everyone I know about them and the crap they give you for everything…….Do not buy they are nice upfront until you need something then bamm come the money hatchet to cut your head right off with bs fees.


    why don’t you pay a guy 8000 bucks and just get it unlocked with all modules and be done with having to buy them ever again.. there are guys who can do it, I know 2 of them.. post contact here, they will be in touch.

    now happy customer!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 63 total)
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