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Voicemaster feedback anyone?

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    HI all,

    Im a newbie here so i need help from all the experts who have done this before:)

    I’m looking at options of hardware that can support a medium size voip solution and i would appreciate some feedback on the Voicemaster/Sysmaster solution. They provide a turnkey solution i believe.. how does it compare with Cisco or Quintum solutions?

    any feedback plz?


    Did you get some feedback on Sysmaster VM? I am also planning to go for a turnkey solution from sysmaster, if you get some update please drop me a quick email. Thanks in advannce.


    i think we have met b4… i will call u and speak to you about it.. the solution is very very expensive .. A LOT OF HIDDEN COSTS!


    Thanks, I would really appreciate if you could help me make the decision for the right solution. Drop me a quick email or call me


    hi nm

    we have selected VM for our new calling card pop in the Caribean. i jumped when I saw your comments on hidden costs. please tell me more. thx in advance…


    The saying goes “you get what you pay for”, the Voicemaster is an excellent platform and yes, if you want to operate decent services as an ITSP/ISP then you will have to invest the required amounts to get your desired capability. The Voicemaster comes OOTB with basic functionality and you pay for extra modules to give you better capability, as software upgrades, as and when you want. If you want to be cheap skates about it, you can invest next to nothing in QBill which pretends to be a decent billing software but is infact only useful, if at all, for small fries, then when you begin to take it through the paces its inadequacies then become painfully obvious and then you are back to square one looking for the decent billing platform that you wanted in the first place. My point is, the Voicemaster doesnt come cheap, but it properly positions you as an ITSP/ISP that wants to start small but grow without pains as your business expands. Along With other products from the Sysmaster range, over time, you can pace yourself and add modules and hardware to your operations without pains and at a reasonable price (when compared to Cisco)…..Moral of my story??…The cheapest solution usually turns out to be exactly that…CHEAP!!!!! So spend the money and get good value for it.


    Eddie, good comments, I agree in totality…


    Hello, We are planning to go with VoiceMaster for our calling card solution. I see NM is mentioning about some hidden costs. Did anybody else had similar experiences? Sal, you seemed to be the recent customer. Any issues with VoiceMaster? Please advise me to take right decision.


    Matt Kovatch


    Thank you for your support. It is good to see someone on here who understands the true nature of the business and our products. Most people who complain on here about price simply get upset at us when we charge them for upgrades and modules. We have one of the strongest, scalable products in the world and it is worth every penny.

    Matt Kovatch
    Account Manager
    -510.420.8837 ext: 327


    The only way to answer your question without any advertisement of any product on the market today: – Try all of them first and then decide, look at the basic features, functionality, quality and cost, make a lot of calls collect data. You should be very clear on what you need to setup your VoIP network.

    I would disagree with gentlemen who said: “What you paid is what you get” this is only true when you advertise your own overprized product.



    I will start by saying I am not a sales spoken person for Sysmaster, I only happen to have researched, like you right advised, quite a few products out there and have come to the conclusion that products from the Sysmaster range offer excellent value for money, given the functionality they offer compared to the competition. As someone who has had the very painful experience of using some of the products repeatedly mentioned and recommended in this forum and painfully seen their limitations, I am glad to say, I am putting my money where my mouth is and purchasing their units from them, so I am customer and not an employee of or indeed a reseller for Sysmaster.

    I am not sure what your experience of the VOIP market is, but I would be interested in you comparing like for like, the Sysmaster GW, for instance, with a comparable one from Cisco or Quintum i.e. comparing functionality and price, and you reporting back on this forum your findings. A good one to look out for would be any in the Cisco A53xx or A58xx or the Quintum CMS or D3000.

    I think its not practical for you to suggest, that people try different products in the market before making a decision on which to use, I am sure in so doing one would never get business off the ground. Yes…I completely agree with you that you need to clear about your VOIP network requirements before you make a purchase, you can’t expect to buy a Mini and expect the performance of a Ferrari…hence my comments, you get what you pay for.



    It would be very helpful if you can provide a cost of a basic GW from Sysmaster and cost per T1/E1, then we can compare.

    Format of the cost compare:

    1. Number of T1/E1’s
    2. Cost

    Features included with a basic GW by Sysmaster.


    A 4xT1 Sysmaster GW which can also handle 96 IP to IP calls will cost you less than $20K US after you factor in the discounts offered. Its Features include the following:

    1. 2 IP legs in one calls
    2. IVR over IP – not supported by 3. Unlimited Registrations in GKs 4. Unlimited Dial Plans
    5. Intelligent VoIP Proxy switching (automatically negotiate codecs with
    both end points and attempt to provider RTP relaying without codec
    conversion if possible)

    6. Support multiple concurrent codecs
    7. SIP, H323, PSTN (ISDN/PRI, CAS/EFS/D4, R2) support


    How abt comparing to QIIQ

    It seems to suggest that it’s a cheaper and better product than VoiceMaster.

    Robert L.

    We have recently purchased a VoIP starter package sonsisting of 1 GW Sysmaster 7000 4xT1 and one GK VoiceMaster 1000. Our price got to around $25k with two optional modules. As far as performance, I don’t have anything yet since we haven’t got to test them out. The reason why we chose SysMaster products over everyone else, is because they offered exactly what we need, for the exact price. Going with Cisco or Quintum, Nextone and all other, you might be paying for features that you might never use. Even if you bought all the modules with the system you would still cut at a lower price than any competitor. The only inconvenience, you want 24/7 support, you have to buy it. Support might be worth it since you speak directly to the engineer that built it, not to some call center out in India. THat of course, for whoever wants it. Myself, i will resume to the old RTFM.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 63 total)
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