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Your opinion about Quintum?

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    Hello Regina,

    As for billing the quintum does a good job outputing the information to the billing platform. There are many companies that sell billing solutions for Quintum. Using CDR output or the Radius IVR capabilities for calling card setups. As for echoing and call quality there is a reason that quintum is the number 2 VOIP company. Cisco is number one for sure at this point but.. Quintum is cost effiective, and a quality solution. If you are having problems with poor call quality or lag times, I would look at your bandwidth and what codecs you are using and the system software version (display v)in the quintum current version is P4-2-20-20. Codecs can be changed in the DSP area in the CLI. For prefix to carrier question it sounds like you are doing VOIP hop off calls to the PSTN? If this is the case I would take a look at lampattern and lamreplace in the pstntg in the manual. I hope this help you out.

    Regina to Dave

    Hi Dave,

    If you have a manual, could you send it to me? My e-mail add is I’ve initially connected the Quintum’s PBX port onto my switch and switch didn’t recognize it. I moved it to the PSTN and it was good.

    My carrier asked me to try doing some test calls. I was trying wasn’t reaching the destination carrier. How do I setup IP of the carrier on the Quintum?


    Hi Regina,

    The manual for the Quintum box should be on the CD that came with your unit in pdf format. I would not use the web inface setup. Quintum doesn’t support it any more. The CLI guide is what you need. The CLI manual can be found using google. Just make sure that is not the CMS CLI guide. It is different then the CLI guide.
    Not sure if you have a digital or anolog series.


    I am using D2400 to route PSTN calls to my VoIP network. The routers on the VoIP side can only match 8 digit patterns for teh destination. The switch is providing the D2400 with 10 digit numbers. Is there a way I can strip some part of the number before sending over to the VoIP net? Also, can I replace bits or whole numbers with extensions based on a table or something so everytime teh D2400 gets a 1-555-888-6767 it routes the call to and sends the destination number as 220?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    Honza Vomacka

    >Please tell me the downside of using a Quintum, when it comes to accuracy in billing, echoing, call quality

    1) Quintums and IVRs. On Quintum you are stuck with the several IVRs they have in the firmware, and the languages they support. If you want your IVR talk in Tamil, for instance, or if you want to have different IVR dialog flow – no way.

    2) Similar to above. If you want (for example) to authorize your customers by IP address of their remote gateway or any other non-standard authentication scheme – the answer is simple: you cannot.

    3) RADIUS accounting from Quintums has improved significantly, but still there could be some problems. For example our customer reported that sometimes accounting from Quintum call relay arrives 2 hours (!) later than the call was made, and sometime does not arrive at all (so the call cannot be billed)


    Sometime back DEVA mentiones that they have Quintum providing IVR over IP. I am trying to do teh same but can’t. Can Deva or somebody else please help? Thanks


    If what you are triyng to do is going from the Quintum to a provider that gives you the IVR and prompts and billing, that is easy.
    All what you do is create a I.P. route and oint a trunk group to it.
    That way, when a call com in to the Quintum, the quintum will answer with the IVR that is coming over the I.P. network.

    If you are triyng to get customers or small gateways to get the IVR loaded on the Quintum, I do not know if it is posible .

    I know that It could be done on Cisco, but with some codec limitations.

    Maybe Dave could clarify that point for all of us.

    If you need specific in how to do the Quintum outgoing to IVr on provider, send a e-mail to mike3799@yahoo and I send you a sample.

    And Dave, what kind of info could you provide on I.P. legs into a Quintum??? Is that posible????



    hi, guys. can you please help me by sending configuration on how to route calls from a cisco 5350 to a quintum cms? Im getting busy signals whenever I make calls from an ata that has a cisco gateway and must pass it to a quintum cms. my email address is


    How do i assign IP address to interfaces on quintum D3000.

    Also I want to implement IVR on same D3000. so that when subscribers dial an access number say 555, they get a prompt and then they place their call (multi-stage dialing)



    i’m planning to buy Quintum D3000 but I haven’t enough information about it. Can you send to me any pdf documentation for D3000 (User Manual, Configuration Guide, etc.) to e-mail
    Thank you.


    Hello guys,

    Im about to configure a quintum tenor A200 point to point connection over wireless LAN. maybe you have a user guide manual or CLI manual of tenor A200. I would really appreciate it. please send to my e-mail



    hi guys, we are trying to configure the sysmaster GK with cisco 5350….can some one tell me how the physical connections layouts are…



    I have manuals etc in PDF format if these would be of help to you please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I need manuals for AS5300

    Can somebody send me a link where I can download the manuals for CISCO AS5300 4T1 96 VOIP Switch.

    Thanks in advance

    Seshu Kanuri

    Jose Manuel


    I have a Tenor A200, but I do not have the Console cable, If someone know the cable configuration (Pin out) please let me know to the e-mail
    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 287 total)
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