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Your opinion about Quintum?

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    Hello , i have a quintum Tenor CMS, i using him as GK ,until now i just receive in IPRG and send it to TCRG(E1) using Hopoff’s , my question is : Can i receive by IP and send again by Static Route without passing for TCRG.

    i dont make any king of gw registration in my GK

    Thanks in advance


    Hi, I want to establish a Tenor to Tenor Calls, where at point A I’ve an ASM200 connected to a PSTN line, at Point B I’ve an ASG200 connected to a Modem (FXS), over a Wireless Lan; I want to dial a number from the B side directly, I mean when I pick up the phone at the B side, I expected to hear the dial tone from the pstn line from point A (transparent call), wich will be the basic configuration, I’m all mixed up with the configuration, I used to use Multitech’s MVOIP series but this equipment are more complex.

    MikeM to Yeyo

    If you have an actual modem connected to the FXS of the Tenor, and you want to do modem calls, I am not sure that that will work well. Yes, the tenor states that it supports modem calls, to a small extent, but I really do not think it works well.

    If you mean that the modem is a GSM or CDMA device for mobile/wireless calls, then I can help you with the config and you can contact me at

    Tareq Mahmud

    I am using tenor ax series Gateway lost my password that’s why I cant login that Gateway .please what is the procedure break the password.
    pls help me..
    Tareq mahmud,MSN ID

    Dele Orims

    I have an ASG200 what can be done to upgrade the devise to ASM200 since it has all the neccesary ports


    Hi all, how can I connect CDMA lines to my ROUTE is there any special devices I should be using?!! Now I have Quantum D2400 and A800 as wel as cisco 5350, please advise.Thanks.

    MikeM to Dele Orims

    Dele Orims,

    There is nothing you can do to upgrade this. While you may see the ports on the outside, the necessary hardware is missing inside the unit to support FXO connection. These units are not field upgradable.


    MikeM to Nabil


    Most likely you can connect the CDMA device to your A800 if your CDMA provides an analog connection.

    Dele Orims

    Hi Mike!! Thanks for the explanation. 234-8034953176


    mike y have this same issue, did the port forwarding solve it

    Rusty – 7 Jan 2005
    I have a problem with a quintum A800,

    Am able to receive calls through IP> PSTN but the PROBLEM is that the called person cannot hear the caller BUT caller can hear cristal clear.

    Any solutions please?

    MikeM to mvillar

    It sounds like there is a firewall/NAT on your IP and it is not allowing voice packets through in one direction or you have not configured the tenor for answer supervision correctly and it is not send the connect message back to originator so that originator can open media path in both directions.


    mohamed asim

    We try to upgrade the Tenor ASM400 (sn=a012-103304) patch from (p103-08-08) to

    (p104-12-00) by ftp client after it send all the (txt) (jbc) file and the tnrboot.bin

    during sent the tnrsys.bin filt it stops then the tenor is restart and it not boot the normal boot that we know it give this message


    It is only six available commands and it is a screen shoot from the quintum boot

    best regards

    use vanguard320 for voip

    hello, ive installed a voip solution with sip, i used to have frame relay installed and i wanted to use again some motorola vanguard as FXS like linksys pap2, could annybody help me to configure it?




    Hi Mike, I have A800 but i cant make calls wih it. I have st the parameters that are required. I want it to pass through IP but each time i dial a numner it bounces back and gives me an engaged tone.Pls help i need to makecalls!!!

    MikeM to Gbenga

    If you would like my assistance in troubleshooting this for you, please contact me at


Viewing 15 posts - 256 through 270 (of 287 total)
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