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Your opinion about Quintum?

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    VoIP top Quality, you dont quite know what you are talking about. Sysmaster is company that has in its product range, gateways which compete with those from Quintum. These gateways are “software” upgradeable. Sysmaster gateways do not require Quintums to operate, I am not sure where you got that from, you can completely have all your network elements and run your VOIP operations from Sysmaster without using any quintums, from my research, Sysmaster GWs are a lot more functional Quintum, granted, they may be new on the block.


    we have a few sysmaster in our basement. anyone interested? Cisco is good but Quintum is the only way to go. we have IVR over IP working and working great. Bob needs to wake up and smell the coffee.


    hi i have question about tenor a800 how to active supervision to time billing to sence active voice


    I have a Quintum Tenor 8 lines but I don´t have more than the installation docs, I will like to have configuration manuals to be able to use them, if anyone have this manuals I will greatful if sent to

    noname to Dennis

    I have the whole CLI manual (250 pages).

    I will be e-mailing it to you in few hours.

    Dennis to noname

    Great, I been looking for different configuration examples on box to box and box to gateway, but have been hard.


    i have a problem with quintum anologue when i try to conect to a Cisco 5300 call dropes after eactly 30 seconds . can anybody help me to resolve this prblem




    Seems to run in the family. I am having the same trouble with a Quintum A200 calling to a Cisco gateway. Calls get dropped on the mark after 37-38 seconds.
    Have you fond anything yet????
    Thanks for any information!!!


    That sounds like a keep-alive issue. What protocol are you using to talk to the Cisco gateway? H323, MGCP, or SIP? Also, what codec are using, G. 711 or G. 729?

    If this is a H323 gateway, most likely the issue is something to do with the H. 225 portion of the H. 323 protocol. The H. 225 portion of the protocol handles the call control portion. So I would recommend running at H. 225 debug on the gateway.

    debug h225 events

    Using this debug command, you will see the Q. 931 protocol messages going between the two gateways and this may provide you with a clue on what your issue is. Also remember on Cisco voice over IP gateways you should check the Cisco web site for any bug related issues with the IOS code you are running on your gateway. There gateway can support it I recommend running at least 12.2.13T code or better for the best performance. Cisco’s 12.2.13T code introduces some new features such as enhanced echo cancellation and echo suppression.

    Another two things that would check is make sure your codec negotiation is correct and your IP routing is configured correctly. A lot of voice-over-IP issues starts as simple data connectivity issues. The majority of one way or no way voice issues are a result of simple connectivity problems.


    I will like to have configuration manuals: “CLI manual” (250 pages)(configuration of the Tenor A400), if anyone have this manuals I will greatful if sent to


    I bought 2 quintum A800
    I would like to do about prepaid card .
    I try to config but fail :(((
    I have manual .if someone want please tell me
    I will uplaod to ftp server
    thx so much
    PS : if anyone success about prepaid card with quintum please tell me : p

    Ehsan to Vasil

    Hi Sir

    I also have a Quitum-a800 , and don’t have any documents for it , please advise .

    Ehsan Karimi Eskandary

    ehsan to noname

    Hi Sir

    Can you send yoour document for quintum CLI to me .

    Best Regards


    For all of us looking for A800 documentation, in the link below you can find the entire CLI (Command Line Interface) docs. Is a PDF file with 222 pages.
    ALMOST anything you need to configure your Quintum Tenor A800. Good luck!

    Alex Blanc

    Hi Vasil,
    i am considering using the quintum for voip.
    How do i find service providers with compatible gateways

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 287 total)
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