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Your opinion about Quintum?

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    Hi the quintum A200 is a normal null modem cable. Hope this helps any more VoIP or quintum related problems do not hesitate to contact me at


    Hi to all,
    Do any body have the System Software Version: P4-2-20-20 for Quintum A800.if so pls tell.

    Thanks in advance



    how can i make a test call from quintum command prompt.what is the command to test a call



    I have the file I can be found at

    Alik Khachatryan

    I’m Alik Khachatryan, I live in Yerevan , Armenia. I am going to open a little phone office for international calls. The office will serve local clients. For this propose I’d like to know something more about Quintum Tenor A800. I don’t know anything about utility for it. Please send me the description of utility and functions. Also send me the prices of the device and software. Is the software accompanying the hardware and is included in its price?
    Thanks beforehand for your help.
    Alik Khachatryan


    I want tell all the users that have
    problem with 32 seconds on quintum that I had same problem but not to the all destinations and it dissapiered after I changed option
    “h323 device” to “voice device” and made it “faststartonly” somewhere in
    in h323 configuration prompt in my tenor
    It worked for me

    Best regards


    Hi Guys, I am honest I am new to voice over Ip and very green to Quintum A200 configuration. Does anyone if this model is configurable t work over a VPN and if is so, the ports the QUintum use are dfferents than the one ituse on a pubic network?


    Well, betwen the times when it lock up with no reason, does whatever it wants despite your commands, and reboots for no reason, the Quintum A200 should work fine.
    Seriusly, I hope is a typo and you do not have a Quintum A200.
    If you do, buy a big bottle of aspirin right now, and get ready.
    The good news. I know how to make them work, and i will not charge you for sharing my misery of a experience with a200 ‘s.
    Write to mike3799@yahoo if you really mean A200.
    I hope you meant A400 or something like that.


    I have an IVR system which is proprietary, and I use it for both PSTN calls and International calls like this: There is an IVR card slotted in a PC. This card has 4 RJ45 ports. I connect the 4 ports to 4 T1 cards. Users dial 999 and get a voice prompt to enter their account number. An account number like 123456789 is entered. Then the system says: U hv so and so minutes for this call (depending on destination), next the call is either succcessful or fails giving a busy tone. Both the prompts and database are locally resided here in my office

    My problem is that even though I have 23 times 4 voice channels, with half (23*2) for inbound 999 and half (23*2) for outbound, the number of successful outbound calls have never been beyond 12. I know that most of the calls are failing. Has anyone ever experienced this? Is this normal or can anyone suggest a better IVR? Can a Quintum be connected to the T1’s and be configured to talk to my Database and Voice Prompts? Thanks in advance.


    The Quintum have the ability to play one language IVR as minimun.

    Call will come in trought T1 , receive the IVR prompt to enter the account number, and get the ammount of funds available on that account.
    (You have so many dollars)Please enter destination.

    Then the system will calculate the minutes based on the destination number and play “you have this many minutes”
    And pass the call trought.

    The only trouble is that you will need a radius billing system to keep the accounting.

    What kind of IVR is that system???? Is something available on the market or someone built it in a a basement????

    Best regards.



    We are getting charge on recording stating that the Mobile you are calling is not reachable at this time.

    CAN anyone help me to config quintum that will not chraged during mobile off.



    To Alik Khachatryan

    I don’t know, if you runned up your call shop, baut I already started several using Quintum, D-link and IP Phones.
    please send me an e-mail to and i’ll tel you what and how to do it.


    2 Noname

    I use Quintum D-series for prepaid, postpaid and ANI (all applications on one box). The voice files are played properly.

    Usualy IVR files should be uploaded from a TFTP server.
    there a several TFTP freeware solutions.
    Take a look over internet or send me an e-mail at gc@\


    i have a Quintum A800, and although i have purchase it for over 4months now, i have not been able to configure it.

    Is there anyone there that knows a manual that expalin step by step configuration on how to configure the A800 to make calls and explain more about GW etc.

    JC HUI

    I have brought tow unit quantum Gateway model A400, I have setup an IVR TFTP server base in my office. But when I go to client side, install the A400 gateway and configure the IVR file server IP to my TFTP server. It shows TFTP open failure, and out of time plays the voice files.
    Someone told me that the ISP has blocking the port cause the files can transfer through the TFTP port. Anyone have this experience of port blocking?

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 287 total)
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