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tenor A800

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    Can anybody send me a doc on configuaring a A800 specifically for a calling card system and also how to put a prefix number infront.



    Hi i can help with any quintum / voicemaster issues you may have please do not hesitate to contact me.


    Hello, I already set up a Quintum network of five tenors all with fixed Public IP, but now I am trying to add a sixth unit and I can’t do it,this unit is using dsl connection and is behind a router, I already configured NAT and the extip in the tenor,It seems that the outgoing communication ii ok but not the incoming, so if anyone has had this problem and fixed it I will appreciate any help, thanks


    hello bilal
    as you are aware quintum configuration depends from the scenario you use,
    post the scenario and maybe I can help you then


    you should open the exact ports on your NAT that H323 uses 1718-1720 and check for the ports that pc-to phone uses cause i dont know them by hart.
    then it will work


    Nick, I already tried opened those ports and some more that are specified in quintum’s web page but it didn’t work, I tried also dmz and the same happened, the A800 started working perfectly but after some time started to fail mostly with the outgoing traffic and I haven’t been able to find out the reason why this is happening, my next step is trying a diferent router I was using a SMC and now I am going to try a Linksys and maybe that will fix the problem, but I still apprecite any help you can provide, thankx


    I fixed it, i change to linksys and it worked immediately, somehow the SMC router was doing somethig wrong in the DMZ, the linksys router has a DMZ port separated from the LAN and WAN ports, I just connected the tenor to this port, and put the tenor ip address in the configuration and it worked immediately, so if anybody need help for this feel free to contact me


    how do i tell quintum A800
    when the user enter the destination number

    if the number stats with 001 use the gateway no 1

    if the number starts with 0044 use the gateway no2

    if the number starts with 0017 use the pstn port and dial the number.

    I don’t mind even using a external software and doing this, please let me know how to do this

    Noname to KS

    KS, your question is confusing.

    IS the customer dialing into the PSTN port of the A800????

    Or you have several Quintum tenor a800, and you want diferent call to go diferent gateways???

    Could you explain where the calls are coming from and going to????

    Maybe someone could provide ehlp if you explain the details.


    I need to know how can I made a fake ringback tone when I made box to box call using a quintum AS800.

    Please let me know to my email:



    we have the same proplem

    did you find any fix for this .?

    dont use linksys, we are using linksys and we have the same proplem


    Can any body help me to configure quintum?and how to throw trafic to another box.and finaly how quintum works behind firewall?

    If anyone comes forward to help will be a great kindness.

    thank you



    Im planning to setup a Gateway. I have a ADSL (PPPoE) connection with me. Planning to get a static IP soon. Please advise me whether Quintum’s Tenor A800 be deployed at both ends and my clients calls could be routed theu it easily with good audio quality. And how to go about the billing part ? Which good software can be used to bill postpiad & prepaid customers. Or is there a better product other than Tenor A800 to do this job. Where can I buy a Tenor A800. Thanks


    Hi Nana,

    There are a more than a few gateways on the market that can be used with PPPoE – lots that are much cheaper than the Quintum A800.

    There are also a number of billing options depending on the number of simultaneous calls you want to handle now and in the future (some offer better upgrade paths than others).

    If you would like to drop me an email I’ll send you a full breakdown by return.

    Best Regards

    Mat Hitchcock


    Billing for Quintum ,
    uses Linux radius Postgres

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 207 total)
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