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tenor A800

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    To Krish:

    I don´t know this router but look if your router have a DMZ in the NAT submenu.

    Just put your Tenor private IP in the DMZ and that will work.

    Do not forget the ExtIP in your tenor.

    you can contact me at


    I have a Quintum A800, ASR is low because of too many “Cause Code 16” (Normal Call Clearing). The manual says “The cause indicates that the call is being cleared because one of the user has requested that the call be cleared.”

    Anybody knows what’s causing this code to occur?


    I had the same problem Code 16
    Somebody told me that if I am using the h323 protocol I must eliminate de Border Element.

    It works better now.


    Hi Cypherdecode,

    It is interesting that you are getting a low ASR with cause code 16 as this is typically what you would want to see when the call ends.

    As it says – Cause Code 16 is Normal Call Clearing – which is a good thing.

    This is unless of course you are getting this back falsely from the far end, for example all the calls are clearing with a 16 but the call durations are all zero seconds. This can happen when sending to analogue lines or gsm gateways if the configuration is incorrect.

    Typically cause codes like 34 – No channel available – are responsible for lowering your ASR levels so keep an eye out for these to.

    If you are still getting problems please feel free to contact me at:

    Hope this helps.




    i have a problem with tenor A800

    this problem started at 3 day ago

    ther tenor was reset automaticly
    after afew minute the alarm LED started blink and we reccived this alarms Software Error (VManagerProc(L7): failed to crea
    translator):0:0:Thu Jan 15 14:50:16 2004

    reccived this error

    tenor is in bypass mode

    at this reccived call was not answerd by tenor and we must reset tenor manualy

    please help me


    When the tenor has a software problem it will fall back into bypass mode. This can be rectified by going to th unit layer of the configuration tree and setting online to 1. Give this a go and if you have any further problems please do not hesitate to contact me.


    I have a A 800,
    i need to block the HTTP port connection to it, and als ht when we telnet in to the A 800,
    we get all the unit’s info. how to block that even,if any one can help plese let me know how
    thank you



    We are indeed getting cause code 16 with zero call duration. Can you please tell us what command can we check to resolve this issue?

    What specific part of the border element should we disable?




    About the cause code 16, I have checked our border element and the settings are:

    Border Element IP Address(prim) =
    Border Element IP Address(sec) =

    What other options can be checked?


    Dave- TPI

    Hello Cypherdecode,

    You need to set the primary border element to the IP of the Quintum. Border Element is the “Master Gatekeeper”.
    If you need some configuration help let me know.


    Hello cypherdecode,
    You do not have to have a border element set if you are not using static routes. I’ve seen this happen before when the packetization times are not set properly for the voice codecs, also if you send a call to certain fxo voip endpoints without sending any digits. Feel free to contact me at the address below.


    I have Tenor A400 and Cisco Call Manager. Please help me with configuration file or description for setting up routing PBX phones to LAN, member of then is Cisco Call Manager ant Tennor.
    Best regards!


    To JGarcia:

    Hi, regarding your succesfully experience configurating router in DMZ Zone, could you plaase tell me the brand and model of the router ?

    Many thanks,



    We have made some test with our clients, we are getting cause code 16 because the person calling waits 23 seconds for the call to connect. Although when we use openphone to test calls, it just takes 6 seconds.

    Cas Signaling Type = loop start rev battery (5)

    Any suggestions to speed up the call?


    We have a Quintum Tenor D3000 and Tenor A800 in different locations. Both are connected to a Linux Radius Server. Our problem is that there are times that both quintum units are repeatedly sending the same data to the radius server over and over. Why is this so and what can we do to rectify the situation. Would appreciate your suggestions on how to solve this problem.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 207 total)
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