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tenor A800

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    Hi. I am planning to setup a A800 Tenor Gateway. I will use a ADSL line to deliver IP traffic into 8 analogue PSTN lines.
    1. How can I plug the ADSL line (RJ-11)in the A800 if it has only RJ-45 sockets?
    2. Each time I get disconnected fromt the Internet I need to dial a local number and send a password. Is there any way I can make the A800 do this automatically?

    ipworld3 to Antonio

    Hi Antonio,

    Your adsl line (which is your pstn line) has an RJ 11 interface which will connect to the RJ 11 interface of your adsl modem/router. From the modem, you connect an RJ 45 cable (ethernet) which you then connect to the ethernet interface of your A800.

    Let me know if ur successful with it.



    Thank you very much for your support. You were very right with this and now I get the router. Now, how can you make the A800 dial the access number and send the password in order to get access to Internet ? It´ll go easy if you use a computer, but I I suppose there is a way to do this without one .

    Noname to Antonio

    In order to get the Quintum to talk PPOE you need to connect to the Quintum via console cable and be rady BEFORE you power up the Quintum.
    When the Quintum is booting up, you will see a menu, where it ask you if you want to enter new info.
    Pres enter or what ever it tells you, and that is the plce where you enter your username and password for the PPOE session.
    The Quintum will keep reseting itself until it see a good registration on the provider.
    Any question drop me a email

    Best regards.


    Noname or anyone who knows the tenor a800.
    I don’t see a menu that has the option for the isp login and password.
    Noname, are you sure can have the quintum talk ppoe?


    I sent some questions in this forum for interoperability TEnor-Clarent GK.
    Could I have some opinion about this form enyone here. I can see that some of you have good understanding of Tenor


    Quintum 1, first you have to upgrade your sys.bin to a version that allow PPOE login, check into Quintum website, I think is 4-2-20-27 and up. This option you can only see it through terminal, not telnet, good luck.


    There are no PPOE options on the NORMAL cli menu.

    The only place where you could put the username and password is trought the console cable when the unit is booting up.
    Connect the cable, setup the PC and reboot the unit.
    The menu will ask if you want to do do setup or something similar.
    Enable PPOE, password and username.
    It works like a champ, even on changing I.P. several times a day.
    The best modem to have with the Quintum is the Alcatel speed touch,home or PRO model.

    You could get the ADSL modem out of ebay for $20-$40 dollars anytime and have even some spare.
    Be aware: The unit will not even give you dial tone until it gets a proper registration with the provider.
    Once the regitration gets done, the unit will give you dial tone and you are ready to pass calls.
    I found out that the best way to send calls to other Quintum gateways is not bother with the gatekeeper. Use the border element function instead.

    Point the unit on ADSL to the border element of the one on a static I.P. address. Lot more reliable than registration and “tracks” like a champ.

    Best luck!!!

    The original Noname.


    Hi we have Tenor A800 we have problem first we hear dail tone then after we dailed Nummber we get Busy tone . when we see event channel we get this massege
    “Route response(7): result=0 cause=34”

    what shall we do




    We at Blue Lava help with these sort of issues all of the time. If you require us to help just e-mail us at


    I have a few questions on the tenor a800.
    1) Is it possible to port forward from my modem and access the a800?
    I’m using the solwise SAR130 modem/router. Also this modem doesn’t seem to save the settings I program. Once I reboot I must reconfigure.

    2) Is it possible to configure the a800 remotely through web interface? I was able to access the quintum remotely through telnet, but not through the normal web interface.


    Hey !
    I want to send all the calls from gw a800 ( from all 8 channels ) to dedicated number. How I need to configure translation to that number in Quintum a800?
    Thank to all!!!


    i change new ip address i want open my phone access. i have open linksys for regstration of my new ip but i dont know how to open it
    i m using QIIQ VoP!EgdeQ-4FXS
    i how toi connect it plz.
    i want you to expain what is console cable to me and how to use or connect it


    Can anybody help me to use Tenor ASM400 behind windows 2000 NAT, I can’t use my unit behind NAT router

    Should I configure NAT router for using the ASM400?


    Dear All,

    My name is Pavan . One of our customer is
    having quintum A800 Tenor Voip Gateway and we need to configure it to make outgoing calls.

    In this regard i need your support . Below is my setup

    Phone1—–>PBX port of quintum A800 ——> Gateway router ——> My managed network upto Newyork —-> our voip gateway –>

    I want to make only outgoing calls. I have prefix , registered IP configured in our voip gateway .

    I want to know the details of the configuration details .
    can anyone tell how to configure the dialplan for outgoing calls.THe dial plan looks like this 996 (in another way we call this as prefix,which we use for outgoing calls )

    I’m not able to configure dialplan???

Viewing 15 posts - 61 through 75 (of 207 total)
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