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Are gatekeepers really necessary?

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    Hello all,
    I want to configure Net2phone in Cisco ATA 186 can some one help me in that its really urgent.



    dear sir
    how to install innomedia’s infoaccel on lease line and on isdn line


    We’re using ATA-186’s in our Cisco based network.


    hi vickie,
    thanks for the reply.i’ll tell u what i have to do exactly.i want to do something like the project i have to start now.i’m now doing a research work about how to start with it.
    i had an idea about using VOCAL software for implementing this.
    i wanted some guidence which could help me to start up with these the requirememts needed to configure voip etc.
    i wanted to test first for LAN and then make it universal.
    so ,this is my would be great if u could help me out with this.
    thanks in advance 🙂


    hi aparnaa,
    ur project seems interesting. Well i would suggest u to visit Those guys have an open h323 forum and theres also an open source code along with the application which makes voip possible between two pcs once the software is loaded onto them. There are also some other sites avaialable. Probably you can mail me the details at vickythescorpion at at the rate of rediff mail dot come. I’m sorry to write it that way but its not allowed to publish ur ids here.

    Muhammad Arshad

    How does Web to Tel Application work?
    What system (gatekeeper,els) will require and what type of softwares & programs required.?


    Dear All,
    Can any one tell ..please net2phone works with Cisco ATA 186,,,I am 100% sure.that it is working..Anybody has tried it..?? Then Please share the configuration…

    Thanks in advance,


    Gatekeepers are very essential for VoIP int’l links as it does inter-country call admission and call routings.


    Hello Everybody,
    I have an ATA 186 and a computer connected to my new Linksys Router. I am able to make calls throuogh my ATA. It is ringing. But the moment somebody picks up the line on the other side, i couldn’t hear anything. But they are able to hear me. Some says that i have to make some changes in my Router Setup page like forwarding the Ports? Is that so? What changes should i make. Kindly let me. It will be of great help.



    Can some one help me to change the IP address of a Quintum Gateway?


    Hey Natarajan, I have the same trouble, it is NOT ports because I DMZ’d the ATA, possible Codec issue but not sure. I am still working on it, trying to get the ATA 186 to work with
    Also trying to get it to receive netmeeting connects as well.


    Anyone know why such a slow ping time to an ATA?
    Pinging my router is less than 10ms, to the ATA even with a X-over cable is 60ms? I can ping my website 15 hops away faster than that!


    Hi can anyone tell how to connect a quintum a800 with Tata fixed wireless in Chennai. Its not dialing the PSTN numbers correctly. I hear just a loud noice.


    Hi Sky,
    I fixed the ATA 186 problem. Please try this out. If you are behind the router (say Linksys), better use the Static Ip. I am using a LINKSYS router whose DHCP range starts from . So decided to use as static Ip and i made the ATA to work in its static mode (20#0#3). Then i assigned the static Ip, Default gateway ( and Subnet mask ( Once done with this. Goto your router setup page (i assume that people are using Linksys router). Goto “Advanced” tab, then “Forwording” . Please check with your PC2PHONE service provider about what PORTS do they use (like SIP, Media Ports). My service provider Use SIP port 5060 and uses Media Ports 20000 and 20001 (normally the range is between 16000 and 32000). To these ports of your ATA’s IP address, you have to forward the incoming data (voice) from the Router. Also enable the UDP. Also you have to disable the DMZ HOST (i.e enter the ip address as Please try this one out and let me know.


    Oh, I have already done that long ago, yes I am behind NAT and specified my IP. The system is fully functional with however, there is actually more latency and worse audio than I get from my Internetphonewizzard box that I bought on Ebay for $10!

    I am also trying to get the ATA to receive calls from Netmeeting but not having much luck, trying this on my local lan from PC to ATA so firewall is not an issue. Neetmeeting keeps saying “The other party cannot accept Netmeeting calls”. I can get it to connect using another software that is sip compliant. But would like to take the ATA out of SIP mode and make it feasable for outside connects from my website netmeeting applet so the end user does not need to download any special software.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 69 total)
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