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Are gatekeepers really necessary?

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    Thanks for your contribution on the configuration of Cisco ATA 186.
    I have managed to communicate two ATA´s in different networks. However I can´t call from one line to the other line of the same ATA.
    By changing the gateway in both ATAs I can call phones located in a router and viceversa, however I can´t make ATA´s communicate with eachother.
    Some help would be welcome.

    Sandeep Sutar

    Dear Friends,

    I am new to VoIP field and would like to learn a lot about different configurtions for VoIP.

    I had been asked about the integration of ATA186 with services like Net2Phone/pc2phone through some ISP such as caltiger.

    Can I configure ATA to integrate with these services. Since Iam a novice to the field can anybody please guide me in the matter.

    I would highly appreciate if anybody can help me to learn this new upcoming technology.



    Jayesh Thakkar

    I am trying to make work Innomidea 3020 & onether H323 V2 gateway work together. So far no luck.

    I read through FAQ on innomedia web site, it says it will work only through Innomedia gatekeeper.

    Can you please give your inputs on this.


    to jayesh thakkar
    I used infoaccel card once and as could remember they said something about proprietary voice codecs that are used to all innomedia`s products that include innomedia 3020,1000, or anything else of this line so I think you will not be sucsesfull in this.


    also the easy way to connect solely 2 pabx togheter is to use device like Nuera where you map each isdn time slot with the other peer Nuera. You must to use compression except for the dchannel. Certainly you can use similar device found on other manufacturer. the link between the 2 nuera are ip and no dial plan are necessary only hardcoded mapping between the two spans.


    manika taneja

    One of my client is having requirement of backup solution.
    Arijit my client have offices in four different locations in india
    and all are connected with 56kbps lease line and they want all
    the data from three servers in different locations repicate and
    centralize in delhi office server. Please provide me the solution.Can
    ata 186 work without net2phone service or it requires it


    Would any body know how to make net2phone work with the ata 186? I read on the net2phone news site that they use the SIP protocol. Net2phone tech support would not help with this. I would appreciate if anybody any luck with this and would like to share the information.



    Please provide us the connectivity information of Cisco ATA
    series adapter. We are having broadband based(VSAT) IP network
    we want to implement VOIP through internet and through intranet(intranet
    of 12 locations). Can we require only ata196 adapter to making
    a phone call to outside world or we require some additional
    service or gateway. Please provide us the information. Can we
    use normal analog phones with ata 186 adapter. After installing
    ata 186 can we make a phone call outside world through our
    broadband based ip network. Is ata 186 adapter makes a call to outside
    phone or it requires the ata 186 adapter on both the local and
    remote location.

    manika taneja

    We have two ATA 186 adapters connected to two of our offices in
    different cities and connection is based of VSAT and bandwidth of the
    link is 24kbps. We can able to ping the both ata adapters from both the
    locations while making a call to the ata at remote site we get a very
    ununderstandable voice of the person speking from remote place through
    ATA adapter connected phone. Please suggest us what to do to improve the
    voice quality. As we cannot able to conversate properly using two ata 186
    adapters. Please suggest us what should we need to do to make the voice
    clear from both ends. We are currently not using any voice gateway. can
    we require any gateway or only two ata adapters are sufficient for voice
    communication. IF you have any solution please mail me at


    Does net2phone work with ata 186?


    How I do configure the Gatekeeper’s information in an cisco IP phone 7960 Series



    To Nicolas
    You are not able to configure the Gatekeeper information in an 7960, because 7960 does not support H.323, only SCCP, SIP and MGCP are supported.


    We are into hotel business we have a vsat of 128kbps, if we have ATA connected to our PABX and also to the vsat network can we make calls to the outside world, as in making calls to international lines not another ATA?. Can anyone suggest a solution that will work in less than 1k in Nigeria.
    Email me:


    hi all,
    I want to know how we can set up an voip set up for mt lan…its a project i wish to would be great if anyof of u can help me out…


    hi aparna,
    i dont get you properly but it seems that you are looking for setting up voip on LAN. This is pretty simple as compared to setting up voip on wan. Well you will have to first look at the typical bandwidth required for voip which wud depend on a lot of factors like :
    no of users on voip
    the codec used
    traffic on the LAN generated by other applications, etc. Let me know what are u looking for exactly .

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 69 total)
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