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Switch Planning for GSM

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    Echo can be introduced due to various factors. Tell me more on the echo scenario. Like, whether its mobile to mobile or mobile to pstn.

    To begin with I recommend you to check the SONATA echo cancellor /voice enhancement system at your MSC end.



    hi anboo,

    i m sitting at BTS end not at MSC end. tell me what can i do my level best to control echo.




    Hi everybody,

    I just discovered this website and it’s very interesting. I’m working on the RF eng. crew of a mobile operator. I’ve observed “TCH sudden” (Ericsson equipment) is, in most cells, the first cause of drop calls. I want to know the relation between drop calls by sudden loss and optimisation of frequency assignment, particularly on frequency hopping and MAL lists as the TRU that carries traffic are TCH’s with hopping.

    Thank you everybody.


    Explain the echo scenario !


    dear anboo,

    i find echo mainly between the calls from mobile to wireline phone.

    sometimes there is no echo towards the mobile side but the person at the other end, using wireline phone feel the echo prob.

    tell me the solution.and how i can overcome echo prob between mobile to mobile .




    I can tell u is there is no RF related issue. This can be due to various modules in 5 ESS and voice enhancement system. Since you are in the operator side you cannot do much about this. Its better u contact your Lucent RTS.

    Sometimes its better to watch things happen 🙂


    Hi everybody!!!

    I’ve just discovered this site and want to chnage experience in GSM switch Operation Maintenance or planing.
    I’m working for 4 years at Siemens D900/D1800 switch.

    Now we have one problem!!!

    How to limit number of dialed digits of B-number. Example: Short number of our information service is 1414. But when subscriber dials 1414 and some more digits (1414xxxx) that call goes to error in billing centre. Parameter MINMAX in CPT databese doesn’t work properly!!!
    My questione for people who have experience with that:

    How linit number of dialed digits to 4 (1414)?? Number of dialed digits in this example should be limited and call with 5,6, or more digits diverted to annoncement or rejected.

    Thank you in advance!!!


    hi Erox,
    I am not sure how it works in the Siemens Switch but as a generic rule in call routing all calls must be going thru some pre-analysis where dialled digits can be analysed and if reqd. extra digits are cut before calls go thru the routing analysis. In the preanalysis u shud be able to cut the nos. after 1414 if the subs. is dialing more than these 4 digits. As an example, in the preanalysis u wud have an entry for Mobile Originated Calls with type of number SUB (or whatever is the options available in Siemens other NAT and INT) and the digits to be analysed wud be 1414xxxx. You can then specify to cut digits xxxx by specifying the start point of cut digits=5
    Alternatively, u need not cut the digits in preanalyse and in your originating call Tree u analyse the number 1414xxx and route it to a special route where u can then cut the dgits and then route it back to originating call tree. So in your originating tree u wud have two entries one for subs. dialing correctly 1414 and the the other 1414xxxx. In preanalysis also u wud have the two entries but no need to specify any digits to be removed in preanalysis.
    hope this works and helps


    Thanks AT!!

    I know that facts, but in Siemens network it seems unpossible. Siemens offers only one answer: Buying new features!!!!
    There is SDDPFC features but high-priced!!

    Thanks one more time!


    Hi Erox
    I am sure u dont need any fancy feature for your case. Strange why Siemens says u need a feature to solve ur problem. by the way which country is this and what operator r u working for.

    khalid alzway

    HI for all
    i am enginner khalid
    how can get agood training for GSM mopile technologise
    i need more information about it
    note that
    i am communication engineer my job in security systems like fire alarm systems and access control systems
    thankx for all


    HI for all
    please explane what is the encryotion A5/1& a5/2
    and nss-7
    please can i get eney information about this technologies an CDs or in pdf files

    khalid alzway

    hi for all
    to Mr rajib
    i will answer you for your equ
    the antinna mopile itis not dependent on the H polarazation this case we will know the antinna mopile is not mounted H pol
    the signal will coming to main station on H pol


    Hi AT!!

    Yes, it’s so strange but theirs answer.

    I work for Bosnian mobile operator GSM BiH.



    Hi Friends
    I am working with corDECT
    I am intrested to share my views with any corDECT Engg.

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 410 total)
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