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Switch Planning for GSM

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    Hi Aanshik,

    i am a telecom engineer handling AXE-10 Ericsson Switch. The sites in AXE-10 are the Remote Subscriber Unit (RSU), Remote Subscriber switch (RSS). hope this information helps you.

    traffic measurements


    Is any body know a simple tool for traffic measurments



    GaLa.Reinforcement.Pro.Version.4.1 [1CD] serial or crack pls

    makarand jadhav

    Hi, I am SE working in telecom project.


    hi , i want to know format of metctl1.dat file in neax switch , because i want to build bulk file myself by the files that switch create in met folder . can anyone help me?


    Hi every body,

    I’m working in an axe 10 switch and i have a c7 link problem.

    My switch has STP function and an mobile operator is making romaing trough us.when i’m opening the mobile signalling trafic to the roming destination , my c7 link is not steady and after the RP(regional processor) which controlling the roaming destination became down.
    But when i remove it ,the link is steady.your ideas are welcome

    Thank you for your kindness.




    visit this site
    There is excelent conference regarding Ericsson equipment


    I’m working in an axe 10 switch and some body can tell me the best way to change all our Subscriber number from 6 number to 7 number


    how can we convert a signalling traffic in SS7 into IP traffic ,i mean how do we know how much traffic is equal to one ip packet?


    Hi all!
    I’m goning to design a MSS/VLR ( IP base MSC server)plan in a NSS whitch have been connected to two PLMN ,two PSTN , thruogh media gateways and signaling gateways ,and it will supported arround 9000’000 subscriber.I have some dark points on this issue,can any one of you clear some of them to me:
    first ;what I want to know is the capecity of my MSS/VLR that should have ,according to the NSS.

    second;when we have an integrated msc/vlr, can we say the capacity of each of them seperately?I mean we say we have a msc/vlr with 2000000 subscriber or msc with 2000000 subscriber ?
    and is there any spesific relation between the capecity of HLR and MSC/VLR?

    third ;How can I convert the SS7 traffic from PLMN and PSTN into IP traffic ,to calculate the traffic of my MSS/VLR?

    forth;can any body give me some idea in planning a logical block diagram of this server according to the software block diagram whitch I designed,if any body can ,let me know ,I’ll send him the software block diagram .

    phone +98 0711 -7144404:Mrs abedi
    kind regard


    hey People!!!
    um an optimzation engineer in a mobile operator. um having a problem with this other site, it went down for 4 days, and we thought the problem was power, after the power was restored, we found out that the modem was damaged and it was replaced. The problem now is, it does not hand out or in. all the handover to it or from it fail.
    please help!!! what could be the problem


    I would like to find out if there are any considerations for vertical antenna isolation between gsm900 and cdma450 sector antenna. I have to mount cdma450 antennas on a tower that is already has gsm antennas.

    Will appreciate your help on this.

    Armin Ebadi

    Can anyone tell me a site about radio network planning?
    An dalso about optimization?

    muhammad arshad

    can anybody please help– how synchronisation is achieved in MSS.


    hi maryam
    i am also involved with 3G-wcdma
    there few thing u shuld be clear .
    1.what kind of switch u have ,i mean whos the vendor .well i am well versed with Huawei switches..
    2.In huawei switches the capacity of MSc/vlr depends on the number of frames present in the cabinet…
    3.if we want to knw how uch subscriber it can hande then it depends on vlr capacity(i.e there are boards related to it in msc ).so as far as my knowledge is concerned there is no seperate MSC/VLr traffic.we can say that the msc can handle X no. of subscribers……
    there is no as such relation between HLr and VLr capacity..but it is most of the time greater tan the vlr capacity….

    well this is details are according to my switch i think it shuld help u a bit well

Viewing 15 posts - 376 through 390 (of 410 total)
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