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    hi dude thanks a lot. but how do i perform the gclk calibration (i mean the commands that i have to use).


    Dear All,

    I just start learning Ericsson RBS 3000 , does anybody can help me to explain what “Channel Element” mean in RBS any RBS parameter ? Also how many E1 required by any RBS 3000 in order to be able be integrated in the network ?

    Thanks a lot for your help


    Hi Vetri.

    So.. u want to calibrate the GCLK?
    These are equipments u might need.
    1. Freq. Generator. It’s for your freq. monitoring. Connect it to the freq. port of the GCLK. Usually the cable of the Freq. Gen is black(negative) and red(positive). Do not even try to connect the red first. Connect the black one first.
    2. Something like a screwdriver to tuning the freq. at the gclk. There’s a hole at the gclk for freq. tuning. U can adjust the freq from that hole. At the same time, monitor your freq. Generator to get the best freq. (14,… MHZ-> i forgot –> Read your Motorola Manual).

    Sorry mate. I couldn’t give u a complete explanation. As now I’m in Nokia BSC O&M. I use Motorola about 2 years ago. So.. I forgot a little, but still remember the concept…
    By the way… If u have any questions in Motorola BSC, do not hesitate to ask me. There’s a lot of things u have to learn. LANX connections, KSWX connections, Expanded and Expansion KSWX, Local or Remote KSWX, etc. See you mate…


    Ouch. I forgot. As i remember, there’s no command we have to use at GCLK calibration. U only use swap_gclk to calibrate the other gclk (spare or active). Be careful man… As Motorola BSC, we usually hard to predict what is going on the BSC. Make sure all always to type disp_act_al, to make sure there are no other (strange) alarms….


    Hi fernando were u used to work in Motorola CDMA n/w and where


    Hi Fernando,
    LANX connections, KSWX connections, Expanded and Expansion KSWX, Local or Remote KSWX

    Could u explain these.


    hi, iam new to NOKIA BTS can anyone helps abt the E1 routing


    Hi Mandar…

    I used to work in Motorola BSC GSM/EDGE n/w. I work at Telkomsel, Indonesia. But currently, we use Nokia n/w as telkomsel swapped Motorola about 2 years ago. How bout u? Where do u work? I can explain u deeply bout all Motorola BSC modules. Is your n/w still using Motorola?


    Hi Pasha…. What do u mean bout E1 routing? Do u mean E1 branching table…. or timeslot allocation and cross connection? Please give me a clear explanation so i can help u to explain bout Nokia BTS.


    hi fernando yup i work in INDIA for an operator, we r using CDMA 2000-1x
    can u give me ur Email ID


    hi fernando,

    i dont have doubts in moto bsc since i know nothing about bsc’s.but i have got lots of doubt from the bts side.i’ll get back to u as soon as possible.


    hi fernando

    while performing power calibration in moto bts we are using either

    1.mode “single”
    2.mode “double” OR
    3.mode “carrier both”

    what is the criteria used for selecting the specific modes.

    Geet Mukhra

    Hi Wiweko_dp
    I hav worked on RBS 200 and RBS 2000 series.Can u tell me bout RBS 3000 series. how many TRU;s can operate??


    hi to all, iam working on Nokia BTS, my question is tht , users(MS) were receiving the receiving calls and unable make the outgoing calls. wht is the problem.
    All the internal cabling and connections were properly connected and no alarams.
    plz help.

    with regards


    Yellaiah, it looks like a route problem. Check de route with the BSC team.

Viewing 15 posts - 331 through 345 (of 469 total)
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