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    Dear vishal thakur,

    i’ve some document of ericsson BTS…
    if u interest, to where i can send u the document…

    Ashwin Shah

    Can any one tell me as to what is the maximum power stored in a BT-Shelter Battery. How does PCM work in improving the battery life. What fraction of the Battery load is taken for running the fans?


    daer all please explain me about any gsm bts internal architecture function .


    I am bit unclear about cross connections in commisionning in Ultra site BTS.
    Can any one assist me in this
    My email is


    hi sukma

    this alarm u r talking about is caused when the signal level bw the main and diversity antenna exceeds the threshold. u can change the threshhold value to a higher value. from the hardware point of view u can check the feeder connectors if the r properly tight


    hi all
    i’d like to know exactly what this EDAP does ? how does it make a difference ??
    pls help


    hi Sukma
    rahul is right for the first.In Nokia system default value for this alarm is 30db.If the Rx signal strength in a perticuler sector is differs by 30db in main and diversity cables this alarm comes up.u can change the thereshold value but its not advisable bcz above 30 db diff diversity is chek both the feeder of that sector for any VSWR or connectorisation issue.secondly channel failure rate shows the value of counter for TCH or SDCCH failure in perticuler time slot of any TRX.Subfield u can easily identify which time slot is creating problem or for which channel means for TCH or SDCCH.


    FOR Rahul of NR
    Data rate for EDGE TRX depends on EDAP.this is dynamic Abis pool for data tranfer.
    Generally what we do is we define EDAP for ETRX of each sector that is shared by all sector.Means if my site has configuration of 4+4+4,and 1st TRX of each sector is ETRX+BCCH one.then 1,5,9 will be ETRX for each sector.we’ll define EDAP of required bandwidth n x64 Kbps.This will be shared by all the sectors and GPRS timeslots will be defined normally.That means if ur phone supports and nobody else is using data services in that sector then u’ll have complete access on available bandwidth whatever is defined in could be in multiples of 64kbps.DAP or EDAP is EDGE DYNAMIC Abis POOL.GENERALLY WHAT WE DO WE DEFINE FIXED TIMESLOTS FOR EACH TRX IN Abis BUT IN DAP WE DEFINE TIMESLOT(S) NOT FOR A SINGLE TRX BUT FOR A GROUP OF TRX SAY 1ST TRX OF EACH SECTOR THEN THIS TIMESLOT WILL BE SHARED BY ALL THE DEFINED TRX OF EACH SECTOR DEPENDING UPON THE USAGE IN EACH SECTOR.IF NOBODY IN 2ND AND 3RD SECTOR IS USING THE DATA SERVICES(EDGE) THEN THIS DAP WILL BE ASSIGNED TO THE USER OF FIRST SECTOR COMPLETELY IF HIS PHONE SUPPORTS SUCH CAPACITY.


    Dear all,

    Thank’s Rahul and Rony, i willy appreciate

    1. alarm 7604: was checked DCS-1800 VSWR < 1,3; DTF < 1,2. antenna spec VSWR < 1,5. From BTS, we try to repaired and tigthing connector. But still alarm. 2. alarm 7745 : TCH, TS 6, TS hihgest Failure rate 05, sub chanel TCH : 01, proportion of TCH or SDCCH 30db; is possible to clear the alarm from BTS, how? brs sukma


    any body knows how to clear alarm 7745 in BTS nokia,


    I am a Networking engineer in Bangladesh. Now I am working for an telecommunication ATM company. (Aktel). Our company imported 200 BTS from malaysia of Motorola. Can anyone give me solution about setting up BTS of motorola.

    Thank you

    Grewal R

    Hi Tabrez,

    You can contact me at my id with Model of Motorola BTS i.e. is it Horizon macro or m-cell?


    Grewal R


    can anybody tell me about ZTE WLL.


    Hi waleede,roy,vuyof
    My name is Maro from Africa. I was just surfing them fortunately I got to know the site where you questions and anyone who know answers it. I was very happy indeed as Iam a BTS Engineer who is new to the GSM especially Ericsson BTS.So I have the questions which I need your assistance.


    i)I just want to know the basics of RBS 2206.
    (ii)How to create IDBs during site commissioning? And what is important to observe while creating IDBs?
    (iii)What is a Flash card? How can I know that the software in the flash card is not correct?
    (iv)What are the problems that cause the site not to load?
    (v)How can I know whether the problem is the DXU or flash card, software in the flash card or PCM ports on DXU when the site fails to load?

Viewing 15 posts - 241 through 255 (of 469 total)
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