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set up cost call center

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    i want to start a 20 seat call center in Hyderabad,Andhrapradesh. can anyone help me.


    am planning to setting u a call centre in uganda africa, what would i exactly need to have a finished functional call centre and what would be the cost, if am considering using used dialers.

    Ramesh kumar

    I want to setup 10 seats call center in Delhi,would you kindly inform me total cost and all other initial cost.


    I want to setup a 10 seats call center in Ghana. Please I need advice on what I would need to setup. Very Urgent

    Md. Atikur Rahman

    I want to establish 30 seat call center in Mymensingh, Bangladesh. Would you kindly inform me the total cost and other initial cost.


    My friend from Singapore want to set up a call centre in Kuala Lumpur M’sia 20 seats, AHT 240 seconds, how much does the phone system (simple auto attendant), call recording eg Qfinity, phone system (Aspect, Uniphi) etc would costs us?

    rally bhowmick

    i want 2 open a call center immediately what are the specific things which i need to do so like dalier sever computer and wht else and what are the price rance of each of this product.let me know even about the hardware and software which would be needed to do so. i want to open a 10 seat/port and what are the basic things needed for it


    I want to set up a call center with 15 seat. I need the total solution what is the total cost?


    To start a 10 seat call center for a predictive dialer you would need different services like phone, The host server computer to load your dialer software licenses onto, telephone board, network switch, USB headsets, and cables. and other expenses like Installation and training charges.So for a 5-50 seat call center I will suggest you do go for that much investment, Recently a new mobile Dialer introduced. known as “My Sales Dialer”. This is an android based app available for only $9.99 one time fee. Once you install it into your android phone, it turns your phone into powerful dialer. after that you only need to pay operator charges, nothing extra. I found it very user friendly and there is no need of training to use the app.



    I am looking to setup a outbound call center using VOIP. Initially I want to start an outbound campaign using two people and then expand over time to inbound.

    I have very little capital and have to start as a home-based business. I have been hearing talk of VOIP and SIP as being cheaper than traditional methods but I am not very technical and dont know much about the hardware involved.

    Please advise on what I need to start a home-based outbound campaign with 1-2 persons using VOIP. Please include also the average total cost to start this business.



    My name is Anwar and I want to open 50 seats call center in Pakistan, Islamabad/Rawalpindi. Please tell me the estimated of it as soon as possible.

    anindya baksi

    i want to start a 10 seat call center in india/klolkata. i want to know the setup costs. pls help me

    Mahendra S Pokharapurkar

    I would like to setup a Data process call centre in Mumbai.
    Preferably 10 seater.

    I wanted to know what all planning is required and how much overall investment is required?

    Tarak Jana

    I want to set up a callcentre in kolkata. I want to know the set up cost and all rules in details. Please help me.

    Craig Moreyra


    I am a Customer Service Manager of a Online Women’s Garment Shopping. We are looking at setup our customer service Call Center for about 5 – 10 Seater in chennai. I would like to know the details how to go about it and what is the process i need to start. Can somebody pass on some information on the same to me.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 77 total)
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