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set up cost call center

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    Monirul Hasan

    if i want to set up a call center .

    how mouch it will be??

    Bhisham Kakwani

    Hi Mr.Hasan
    It depends on so many factors like where you want to start your center with how many seats you want to start can contact me for the setup and I will try my best to help in this.


    how to built a call center with cost & also the requirements to built a call center & all the instructions .


    how to setup a new voice call center? what servers are needed for setup a new call center? is DNS/FTP server is needed for it?

    Zeshan Khan

    i want to setup a 10 seats call center in Pakistan is any one help me and tell me what are the requirments and how to setup all these thing

    iwaay consultant

    It requires a lot of thinking, infrastructure, manpower planning and finance to take a step into this industry.
    Call center is a blend of mathematics, careful planning and implementation.
    Your investment in this industry can easily be broken up into 4 separate parts.
    Technology (60%)
    Manpower (15%)–RECURRING
    Office Expenses (15%)–RECURRING
    Unforeseen Expenses (10%)—MIGHT OR MIGHT NOT RECURRING.




    There are 2 phases in general –

    1) Implementation

    2) Operations

    In Implementation , the first important point is technology/ tool selection, infrastructure setup ( office, internet, power & backup , etc), implementor ( do you want to implement it your self), basic requirements, design, E1/T1 connectivity , etc

    Do you want disaster recovery?

    From technology point , Avaya or Cisco are preferred.

    Technology cost would be USD 200 k upwards. This does not include the servers and agent desktops, routers etc.

    Implementation would normally take 2-3 months and there is a cost to it as well

    Operation includes –

    CC Manager
    Trainer Support Personnel
    Support Costs
    Technology –

    Each of these has cost associated.

    If you looking for advanced CC , then you need to add –

    Quality Management – USD 150-200k
    Disaster Recovery – USD 50-70 K.

    Your E1/T1 connection that you take from local service provider also has to be costed.


    I am also in the research phase of starting a call center. I would like to hear a little more about start up cost. I read above 200k usd is what will be needed for technology. Is that always the case? or is this for top of the line?

    sk khairul azam

    i want to setup a 20 seats call center in Bangladesh is any one help me and tell me what are the requirments, how do setup all these thing and how much it will be ?


    Technology cost will vary depending on the number of seats. There are better quality all in one products like ININ(Interactive Intelligence Inc) in the market compared to Avaya and Cisco. With Avaya and Cisco you need buy voice logger from different vendor which will add another $40K where as ININ will cost approx $140K including all features required for 200 seats call center.


    i want to setup a small call centre in d beginning with approx. 20 seats at noida/ghizabad(INDIA)
    i want to know how to go abt it and whom to contact for call cantre .ie. do v need to take any company or wht???
    n how abt the revenve generation??


    I want to setup a inbound call center, tell me the technology to setup for call routing, CRM and all technical detials.


    how much time should I reserve for call wrap?

    Ak Ashraf Chy

    I want setup a call centre in Bangladesh. But I have no idea to setup call centre. It’s very important to know how many expanses to setup cell centre.
    Now I want total project Planning workstation equipment.

    Manjit Singh

    I want to setup a Call Centre for 50 seats somewhere in Andhara Pardeash. Please suggest and advice about total cost etc. and how much you get as your return. Please write in details. Thanks.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 77 total)
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