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Pakistan-destination for call centers

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    Saeed Qadri


    Thanks for your note. I will answer your questions in detail in some time. BTW VOXEL is hiring and you should try.


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    Hmaid Khan

    I am writing from Zimbabwe. I am hoping to be in Pakistan(Lahore) on or about the 20th May.I am interested in getting involved witha Call Centre or staring my own although I am not well versed in the industry. I have access to several potential business partners in the UK that would make commencing operations relatively easy.
    Please would you give me information of Call Centres that i could contact in Lahore?

    Please assist.


    Hamid Khan

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    Awais Shehzad

    It is great to see The Call Center industry growing in Pakistan. I have been in the industry for several years now in Canada and I know of so many Pakistani-Canadians who express their interest in going to Pakistan and helping brothers out to make this one of our strongest industries. I belive that Contact Centers should try and get the work force(Higher management) from US and Canada as they have the first hand knowledgeof how the business is run here. Work force like that would be invaluable for the industry in Pakistan. Is there a place online where these seasoned professionals can go and look for oppertunities in Pakistan for themselves?


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    naveed niazi

    its good to see people working as group here in pakistan.

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    Naveed khan niazi

    the people are working well out there in pakistan .but still lots of workis to be done.

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    Muhammad Zeeshan

    It is nice to hear that Call center Business is growing up very fast,so i suggest to Intitutes and Organization to make plan for some orintation class in different part of city,(karachi)
    thank you
    (CCCP student Clifton br)

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    naveed niazi


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    Nouman Zubair

    Hello Every one:
    Its seems to be very nice to know abt call centers in Pakistan and Pakistan is also step aheaded towards the Emerging countries in the world now i want to know abt the Call centers in Islamabad and how to join it and whts the Elegibilities for this post now i am doing BBA hons from islamabad so i want to join it in night for a part time job. Is it helpful to me or not?
    Wait for urs helpful and guided replies thanks
    With regards

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    Awais Shehzad

    I still can not find a place where you can go and look up all the oppertunities available in pakistan. Is there a web site dedicated to contact centers? I have managed a call center in the US and am now managing one here in Canada, I am really looking to come back to pakistan and work in the industry. Please let me know how everyone is looking up oppertunities in Pakistan.

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    danish soomro

    Well what we are waiting for…..We can make organisation we just need little bit money we all can contribute or who wants to be a part of this organisation.
    We just need website and has to register all centres in pakistan.

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    Awais Shehzad

    So I guess the answer to my question sis there is no web site at this time. Shows how seriously our govt is taking this huge oppertunity. It would have been nice had the Govt steped in to catpitalize on this Huge oppertunity. Well I should look around a bit more before I discredit the Govt.

    I would be willing to bring some business with me of some one is will to put together a business plan for a B-C class call center in pakistan. Preferably in Khi, Lahore or isb.

    Danish putting up a website is a great idea but why does it have to be under an organization? Can we not create on and all cann centres can get registered themselves.

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    mohamed mohamoud


    i believe it is good opportunity for all pakistan to get business growth, when i glance what is goin down the market to day, it is seemed to me as chance for me as somali, to take part and utlize, and by now it is open any one like to be shareholder in this new calling center.

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    malik muhammad imran

    salam to all,
    dear’s call center business is getting huge as day passes.
    we(me & my friend name also imran)want to start a call center but we see no information no giudence no advice etc at govt level and as i click this page i thought that i got right path and i can get info n advice’s from this .so dear pakistanie’s let us get togather to make our DEAR PAKISTAN better n better .as our neighbour country is cashing this technology (cc) then why should not we have not sufficent investment? do we have not a skilled personalities?
    do we have not hard work person’s?
    are we not able to compare international markeet?

    yes we have all
    but one question
    why we r behind?
    one reason

    we r having lake of information/guidence.
    but who will cover this gap
    we r someone else?
    offcourse ans is we.
    try to share all information as much as posible is the only way to fill this gap.

    as we(me n my friend) want to set up a CC what we need is just information n guidence.

    we will wait for all your sugession’s/guidence……

    thank’s for all of you for your precious time.
    take care ALLAH HAFIZ

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    Sultan Faiz Chaudhri

    Please visit and read a very detailed guideline on how to start and operate a successful call center in Pakistan. This article provides complete information for all the people who wish to start call center business.

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    Mr. Imran Khan

    Learn how to write in english before u guys can claim about u having a better accent. u know what the kind of articles i just read on this forum sucks………

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