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Call Center Pakistan

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    2. How many ports are used by the eyeP Media softphones (SIP or MGCP) ?
    If you use the softphone with audio only, 3 ports are necessary, else 5 ports for audio and video.
    One port is used for the general signalization. For SIP the port 5060 is used as in MGCP port 2427 is used.
    Two ports per call are used for the RTP & RTCP audio: 5004, 5005.
    Two ports per call are used for the RTP & RTCP video: 5006, 5007.
    The port 5060 is the one usually attributed to signalization in SIP. Note that the softphone by default uses a random port and that you need to manually choose the 5060 port to comply with the SIP norms.

    3. I have my proxy set to use a different port than the default one (5060). How do I need to configure the softphone ?
    You need to set the desired SIP destination port in the Outbound proxy field of the SIP configuration tab. Note that the port number must be precedeed by a column character.

    For example, to send the request to the proxy at port 2875, you should enter: :2875

    Or if you need to specify an Outbound Proxy address:

Viewing 61 post (of 61 total)
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