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Call Center Pakistan

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    Dear Qadri Saab,
    Thanks for your question. I am looking for A – Z establishment. I am going to market the services in US and outsource them to Pakistan.
    If you have or know such establishment please let me know, I will very much appreciate your effort.

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    My company planning to open a call center in Pindi,Pakistan.Can someone guide me the Network disigning and software requirement of call center, and how much bandwidth required for singel seat.

    and also A-Z of call center operations.

    M. Zubair

    Saeed Qadri

    Zubair sahib, What company do you represent. You are talking about a local or international call centr ?

    Saeed Qadri


    what exactly is a call center and what do there deal with?? I’m pretty much interested in getting info about it….

    Iftikhar Malik


    I am from USA currently visiting Pakistan and have interest in opening call center in Islamabad or Karachi.Any kind of technical help on individual basis or from consulting company will be appreciated.



    Hey Pam,

    A call center is an off-shore/on-shore telemarketing office for call support (telemarketing, help desk, front desk, etc.). Since most of us on this thread are from Pakistan, so I will take that up as an example.

    If DELL USA would like to run a telemarketing campaign on their laptops but they cannot afford $4000 salary per guy, they would simply outsource the campaign to an off-shore company in Pakistan and request them to carry out the campaign on their behalf. Each individual doing those calls here would cost them

    Atif Baig

    I need a call center to run my Compains in pakistan or India .

    If some one has call center so we can work with them.

    Please feel free to contact me


    Actually there are two concepts of Call Center in Pakistan.

    1) Call Center for individual organisations like Banks.

    This setup requires No VOIP or bandwidth . In that setup,there is one Server and multiple Agents sitting with telephone sets and PC.

    When Call comes in, it can be routed to any available agent with call information on Agent’s Pc screen.

    2) VOIP call centers.

    In that setup:
    At USA: You require VOIP Gateway, Gatekeeper (Software which controls calls and perform metering)
    At Pakistan:
    You require internet connection with bandwidth about 13k per Call.
    And IP phones with PC.

    Now Call from USA will be routed by Gatekeeper to your IP phone in Pakistan along with Call information.

    Hafeez Ahmed

    Dear all,

    I am a Pakistani living in USA, I am an IT manager and my company has assigned me a duty to establish a call center in Pakistan. But sitting in USa I am not able to get full info about it.
    Can any one tell me what equipment I’ll need for a 10 seat call center. what is the cost of License of call center in Pak. And if there is any one who can provide proper training to the agents.
    Best Regards,


    Hi Hafeez,

    I checked your message in a real hurry and cannot respond in the detail I would like to, however, I will take it up in a day or two and give you a comprehensive response to your query.



    Hafeez Ahmed

    I’ll be waiting for ur reply dear Nadeem. Thanks anyways….

    Kashif Raza


    I am interested to start 5 to 10 seat call center in karachi. Please any one guid on the essentials of setting it up and oblige.

    Anwar Kazi


    I suggest that the following for the call center components:

    1. CRM: Go with a hosted solution
    2. Telecom: Take a DXX pipe and satellite back up which is provided for free by PTCL
    3. You will need IP phones/IDE or IP Switches/Headsets etc which you can procure easily
    4. Dont go for a big solution like cisco or nortel for such a small center the ROI is just not there
    5. the license is for free in Pakistan
    6. training hmmmmmmm you will have to generate your own trainers

    Hope this helps and good luck!


    Hafeez Ahmed

    Thankyou very much Anwar.

    About the License I came to know that it is around 500,000 for call center isn’t it true. ?

    If its Free then is there anyu hidden charges or Fees which Paki Authorities charge. plz tell me.

    Thanks again for the information you provided.

    Anwar Kazi


    There are no fees for call center license you have been given wrong info. please check PTCL and PTA websites for more info

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 61 total)
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