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Starting A Call Center in Karachi, PK

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    Is anyone can help me for how to start the call center in karachi. and what are the benefits and advantages for the center. The main problem is how to obtain the Bussiness. Please guide me.

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    Atif Baig

    Hi Hasan ,
    If u r intersted to open a call center in khi ,pak then i can help you out ..I m from Houston Tx, USA..

    I know each n every thing about how to open a call center …

    u know the cost of 1 seat is like 5 to 6 lacs per seat..

    but there r 3 to 4 call centers allready working in khi.
    if u r still intersted then contact me ..

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    Hi Atif

    i doubt abt the cost you are telling for one seats bec i am also doing a research on call centre and probably i will open call centre soon inshallah

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    I am interested in setting up this business also. I need to know about the companies already working in karachi. Does any one know the name of these companies. Let me know when and where you are going to start (Farhan).

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    Yousaf Khan

    AA all,

    All the information you need can be obtained from Pakistan Software Export Board ( I have worked there for the past year and this is the agency directly resposible for promoting IT exports.

    Although there are many means of setting up a call enter in Pakistan, the main issue here is getting reliable and cost effective bandwidth (currently PSEB provides banwidth @ USD 3000/MB). In the area of software there are many solutions available like CIsco Call Manager and other foreign vendors. Som local companies have alsoe developed and implemented call center management solutions like 2b Technologies and e-Tel.

    Let me know if you need more help in any area related to IT business in Pakistan. Hope the above info helps you out.

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    there are around 4 to 5 company in karachi which are going to start from this month.well i am doing work on the feasibility of this project in Karachi and i am almost the only thing is a contract for a call centre from any company on which me and my partner who is in NY will start marketting after a let see what happens

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    Khizer Inayat

    Hi All. I also wanted to open a one seat call center in Lahore. Please discuss some partner possibilities with me. I have very few amount but a contact base in USA. Thanx

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    Raheel Qurashi


    I am based in London UK , and would like to find out more info.on setting up call centres & back office admin solutions from pakistan Karachi or Lahore. Can anyone share their feasibility studies with me, or contacts for the call centres already setup.



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    Hi Raheel,

    i am from Pakistan too and based in London-UK. Am interested in establishing a small call centre.
    I am doing the spade work and look forward to talk to you in this regard.

    May be we can find some common interests and plans.

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    farhan ul haq

    Hi zaq , raheel

    im in Pakistan and a LUMS graduate…i m interested in opening a call Centre in Lahore..i got inspiration from Zia Chishti who was pioneer of Align Technology in Pakistan..

    so kindly give me ur email so that we can conatct each other and exchange useful information

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    khizer inayat

    Well, Mr. Patel. Thank you very much for your supportive messege. I would like to ask you to help us in finding the CLIENT for a “One-Seat-Call-Center” in Pakistan. As I think that this could be the role model for others to follow and to infact start with . . .

    Please elabotrate on this…


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    Kam Patel

    Hi Khizer Inayat:

    I would be pleased to help out to offer business for ” One Seat Call Center”, please let me know the detailis of this superbly bold initiative by the person.

    Our e mail address is stated above please write back and we will immediately send you a CALL CENTER PROFILE FORM and on understanding what they are capable of doing, we shall defintely help by offering a calling campaign. But definitely beleive it would be costly for that gentleman, as taking an IPLC line for one seat and a predictive dailers would obviously be very very costly, except someone does it for fancy and for the heck of doing it only.

    Anyway, our pleasure would be in setting up a good example, please e mail us and we shall co-operate to the best possible.

    Meanwhile, please note we honor people’s time and they should honor our time as well and come to accept the reality that ONE SEAT CALL CENTER is not a viable proposition and good SENSIBLE CLIENT / CUSTOMER would NOT be interested except on the basis that they will not take any risk of any support, IF YOU GIVE THEM BUSINESS THEY WILL BE HAPPY WITH THE WORK THAT THEY WOULD ASSIGN TO THE “ONE SEAT CALL CENTER”.

    Please e mail back, meanwhile we appreciate your querry, though it does not reflects the general progressive mentality of Pakistan, as obviously people would like to establish atleast 15 or 25 or 50 plus seater call centers.


    Kam Patel

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    Russ Sandlin


    I would be willing to lease you a seat. Plese let me know when you are available to talk. We are not in Karachi yet, but I have seats available to lease in Islamabad using VoIP. I could even place one station at your site if you are interested.


    Russ Sandlin

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    Nick McArdle

    I am interested in a call centre to do do two different things -firstly I would like personal injury leads secondly loans/morgage leads -if you can help please email me I am more than happy to pay a good fee but I do not want the “give me 5 grand up front and I’ll promise you the world “merchants contacting me

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    Saeed Qadri


    It is good to know that BPO/Call center work is picking up in Pakistan. Islamabad offers a nice telco infrastructure for running a reliable international call center. There are 4 operational/semi operational call centers and back offices in Islamabad already. In terms of technologies CosmoCom, Concerto, EchoPass, Some smaller centers on Cisco and TAW have found there way in local market. IPLC is the way to go if you want to do it effectively, however some new carriers are offering good reliable bandwith. Word of advice “Stay away from SingTel’s bandwith”. Singtel has attractive rates and has a long-term contract with PTCL, but the latency and DOS problems will kill your operations.

    HR and effective amercanization of accent will remain to be an issue almost every where. But with training it is neutralized. Costs per seat can’t be ball parked to 5-6 Lacs ; as i saw in one of the earlier posts. It is really a question of company’s positioning. If you are targetting direct clients and/or fortune 500 companies the costs will be significantly higher because of all the redundancies in infrastructure.
    Business development is also to be dealt wih very carefully; No doubt there is loads of business out there but beware of:

    1.Brokers and pay-as-you-go scheemes
    2.scams !! this industry is prone to this…specially lottery fraud
    3. FTC regulations
    4. Compliance with international law

    If anyone needs more info I will be glad to help and offer my suggestions.

    Best Regards to every one and I hope this infant industry in Paksitan picks up.
    Take care and have a great day.

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