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Starting A Call Center in Karachi, PK

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    Babar Kalim

    Mr. Saeed Qadri , Youve been great help and i thank you for this help .

    Youve mentioned that price per seat varies..but not the range plz post the approximatedf range as well.

    More over how could i contact you ? as i am interested in this business thinking if Indians can do it why can’t we!

    I would be requiring all the procedural steps in this regard that how could io start.
    More over could you enlist any call center in karachi that could guide me in setting up..

    MR . Farhan ul haq

    what is yoor present status in this regard ?

    Mr. Yousuf Khan ,

    can i have your contact

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    Kam Patel

    Hi ;

    Our address and contact number is stated here, you may contact us for these details, we can help you in whatever possible manner we can do so, we do believe that you also can overcome the accent and other problems realted to overseas calling.

    Pl. contact us,


    Kam Patel

    Russ Sandlin

    Kam & Nick,

    I can tell you we are the ONLY call center in Pakistan that has our own IPLC for gold plated reliability. We also have the Telephony at Work architecture, which is Call Center Magazines’ top Call Center Architecture 3 years running. We specializing in Mortgage marketing, and Legal back office for title work. We also have great marketing and serving campaigns. We offer the top quality, and a commitment to value in our pricing. I hope to help some of you with your call center needs, or to compare and contrast my experiences here in Pakistan vs. my prior experiences in India.



    Rehan Ahmed

    Cost of setting up small call centers like 1 to 20 seat is not 2000$ a seat or 1 lakh it is around 200$ per seat when u go with something like virtual phone line servies and all.

    ANy one who wants to visit our call center in Karachi is more than welcome, feel free to email me, my email is on the posting above.




    Saeed Qadri

    Hi Mr Babar Kalim and other interested in per-seat costs,

    For calculating costs per seat following variables should be taken into account.
    (1) HW/SW Platform (Technology Selection)
    (2) Carrier costs (Bandwidth)
    (3) US side telco charges and LD
    (4) Recurring expenses like leases on space
    (5) HR expenses

    All these costs are highly variable. For example if you are talking about HW platform then you can either bring the infrastructure inhouse for deployment like the ACD, Dialer and telphony servers/routers etc or you can remotely tap into a data center in US/UK. This is usually offered through ASPs. ASPs are good to get you off the ground but there per-seat expense over a period of time will mount to a point that after this bringing the solution in-house will be more cost effective. With a hosted solution there will be some sort of up-front of costs involved and some minimal HW costs as well deployed on the client side. Then there will be per-seat per-month charges as well. If you are serious I can suggest you some names that I ahve used or seen their demos.
    Carrier costs are variable based on the telco or provider. For instance I talked about singtel before …they are cheaper then lets say BT or FLAG. The difference is in quality though.
    US telco charges vary according to the telco and state, cost of 1-800 number is pretty much fixed. MCI , AT&T and Qwest are the usual choices. Costs per min are between 2.50 to 3.50 cents depending on you plans.
    In one of the postings I noticed someone mentioning Telephony At Work architecture. Well we are running Telephony at Work as well and in fact we were the first one to go live using this platform. I hope this info helps …let me know if you need more.
    Good to see interest in investment in Pakistan…and surely if indians can make it why can’t we.

    Russ Sandlin


    So where are you? We are in Islamabad. Were you down yesterday?


    Saeed Qadri

    I am in Islamabad, the whole infrastructure of PTCL was down yesterday. Was it the same with your IPLC Russ??

    Saeed Qadri

    Read about the problem that happened yesterday here:


    Saeed, you know we were down, we are in the ETC. This should be the last time Pakistan crashes. Where are you? Have I met you yet? We have that new center on the second floor…Sir Agha Khan road next to the Marriott..

    Saeed Qadri


    We have met … I am on third floor Mike Jackson is our COO!! I am the CTO



    I should have known it was you, this is a great site..


    Abdul Rauf

    Hi there
    I am interested in started a call center in Karachi,I would be glade if someone could help me in detail that should be fully equipped and starting from at least 5 seats. and should let me know how can my call center be able to sell AT&T and SPECTRUM of USA .

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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