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Call Centers In India

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    Running costs can be as low as $1 per hour per seat.

    Investment :
    1) Computer Systems with 256 RAM and Win2000, one per seat. No servers required. One computer extra for Admin. One FTP server would be required for recordings.
    2) 10/100 full duplex LAN Infrastructure
    3) Internet Connection : min 40kbps per seat 1:1 with low latency and no PL. With One Public IP address for each 8 seats. Leased Line with any good ISP.
    4) USB Headphones
    6) One time Setup cost : US$100 per seat.
    7) Long Distance telephony deposit : $100 per seat. This is a refundable deposit for the telephony charges which will be billed monthly
    A recurring cost of Long Distance calling charges would need to be paid for telephony.


    i am interested in opening up a call centre in india. i want to start with a 6 seater centre.

    can any one guide me what will be the initial investment and how everything will be managed.


    Hi Amit,
    There are two ways you can do this.

    1. You can make all the investment from IT Infrastructure, Office and People.

    for a 6 seat it better to start off with VoIP based solution so your investment will be less.

    2. You can also outsource this to a existing call center.

    Let me know if you need any more help

    Manoj Thakkar

    hi vishal
    presently doing import-export bussiness i would like to start call centre in Gujarat-Gandhidham with help from you and your company.
    How do we go about the procedure please do help me.
    you have mentioned about out sourcing please do give all details

    Kamal Deep Singh

    Hi Everyone,
    Can anyone share information on the domestic call center market in India? we need info pertaining to the revenues generated, newer avenues available to domestic call center, competition etc.

    It would be nice if people having relevant info can share in the group.

    Kamal Deep Singh


    I read all informations.I am impress by reading all this gosssips

    Jimmy Patel

    i m going to setup a call center with an american company and now i want to know that what type of telephone lines are mostly used by other outsourcing companies and what type of internet connection do they use?

    Sitansu Mishra

    This one is a nice section. from this we got so many things.

    I just want to open a 8 seat inbound International call center.So plz if u can help me out for the legal and paper formalities required of this with Department of Telecomm office.
    waiting 4 a quick & positive reply soon.

    Sitansu Mishra


    Now its possible to work from home provided you stay in a city that has good internet connections

    I stay in Bombay and bombay rocks

    If you wish to share any ideas about this concept

    Tech support from home feel free


    I am looking forward to start an outbound call center in central india and thus require all the information starting from the initial investments to all details that covers all the aspects pertaining to the running of the call center

Viewing 10 posts - 46 through 55 (of 55 total)
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