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Call Centers In India

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    V. Subramanian

    What type of investment is required for call centers in India, say in any of the metros. ?

    What are the government polioces for the call center industry , say tax , incentives etc.,?

    Is there any investment in Call centers by any foreign company in india to serve a particular market segment (not as a part of outsourcing its own operations ?

    Who are the major players in the call center industry ( local and foreign)


    Hi Vishal,
    I was reading the information you have sharred with everyone for call center.
    I am an NRI settled in Singapore, i am interested in Investing in India mainly in Delhi/Noida or Gurgaon.
    If you are interested please paste a message.


    Hi Sameer Aali,
    As far I know in India you can not have a International Call Center and domestic call center in the same building, also you need to have separate in infrastructure for both.

    You can have a toll free no and domestic call center infrastructure will depand upon Inbound or OutBound, Let me know what extactly you want to know I can help you setup, we have already done simlar works.

    To Vishal Jhamb

    Hi Vishal,
    We are in the process of setting up 2 call cetres for different clients and need reliable consutancy.
    Pl. advise.


    M. Praveen

    Hi Vishal,

    We are at presently providing the support to our clients (US based) from our California office on telephone lines. We want to divert or route the calls from the Calfornia office to our Nagpur (Maharashtra, India )office so that the support on telephones will be provided by the Nagpur office instead of California .
    Both Nagpur and California office have a leased line facility.
    This is a pure inhouse , inbound call centre .

    My concern is Whether it is possible to have the call diversion from California office to the Nagpur office using the IPLC or normal Internet connection.
    Is there any legal issues involved in the process. If any, what are the legal implications associated with it and what is the possible solution for the same.
    Where do I need to apply . What form is need for that.

    It is a customer suport for our product rather than a call centre.

    pankaj garg

    hi praveen
    it is possible to route calls from us to India using internet using point to point VPN

    If it os point to point then there are no legal issues
    Pankaj Garg



    I would like to know few points about Call Centre business.

    Information is requested to you assuming Call centre will be in India,

    1- Registration process for Indian Organisation (opening call centre in India), in U.S., Is there any special criteria or legal formalities for Call Centres business opening Offshore.
    2- Marketing options & strategies for getting U.S Customers
    3- SLA’s signing with U.S Customers.

    Thanks for your support.



    we are going to start new call centers inbound/outbound with 60 ports.i want all available hardwares which supports for voip services.

    pls let me know the differnet types of hardware setup for voip


    Call centers in India

    Hi KK,

    All you will rally need is good VoIP gateway equipment correctly configured. Tell me what solution you are using ? Maybe I can help.


    Hello Vishal,
    My hat off to you. Your knowlage is 100% gold. We have a call center with 20 seats here in US. Our predictive dialer is AMCAT built back in 2002. I am looking to either buy or lease newer Voip predictiv dialer for 20 stations and I heard India would be the best place to do that.

    If you can help me with some information and direct me in a right way.

    Thank you in advance


    I want setup 10 seat outbound callcentre in jalandhar do i have to havelased line or i can get cable we have to pay for phone line as well as for internet and how much it cost to get dialer can voip station gatway can conect with dialer.

    Nitin Kumar

    Hi guys
    I am also working in a telecom sector here in Delhi , and my main role is to Provide technical support to call centers , i also want to setup a call center in
    Punjab , is there any consultancy firm available in Delhi to provide help about the Infra cost and legal advisory.If anyone can contact me , it will be gr8.

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    Does anyone have thoughts on Accent Reduction as part of Agent training. I’m trying to establish effective and efficient training modules.

    Manu V Manoharan


    I am working as S/W Engineer in Duabi, UAE. Now my company have a plan to start a call center in Bangalore, INDIA.

    So, It will be highly appreciated, if somebody can describe the procedures to start a call centre in Bangalore

    Thanking you.
    Manu VM

    Dr. Singla

    Hi Vishal,
    I am looking at the possibility of opening a 25 terminal call centre in North india. Being a new entrant in this field, any guidance as regards to details of this field including facts and figures of investment would be extremely helpful. I see from the messages posted on this web site that you an experienced and responsible expert in this area.In the event of further detailed help, are you able to help on a commercial basis? I look forward to reciving you reply in near future.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 55 total)
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