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Training institutes

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    sachin bansal

    Hi all,

    would say the same as what i said one year back in this forum

    i am sharing the info i recieved from a friend of mine running an exclusive call center training institute

    When you think of opening a training institute, you will find list of institutes and organisations running to you to help you out !!! but are you looking only for this …just OPENING ??? or look forward to do business with it or providing something that will give you an edge in the training concept of call centers … Are you looking for running a course with standard set of modules like, voice and accent, customer service, etc or something related to practical results… something that rocks the call center targets … ..

    All the time we look for the information about the technology, infrastructure, the amount of investment required for operating a training setup… but do we ever think about what will make it run… make it grow and prosper.. if you realy have a burinig desire to setup a call center training and making it prosper…. one of the best place to guide you to be successful is upzeon. they are one of the few people on the world which run training based on dedicated research in the latest technology with applications in NLP in sales.. , you can search for their info from google … with upzeon or nlp call center training india……

    best of luck for your new venture


    Can anyone send me information on feasibility reports of call centres in India ?



    i want to know the call center training instuts in hyderabad.
    and also what to learn the accent neuralization cources

    so would be very thank full if u give me the need full information.

    thank u


    sreedhar k



    I’m looking for a call center master trainer, to help me with the training center set-up.

    [Moderator’s note: Contact details removed. Advertisements must be posted on our Telecom Commerce Forum.]


    sir. i want to know about trainning of call centers and its details. i want to stay in IT field and improove my communication skill.

    Help me !

    Mahin Tadvi

    Sir, I want to know about trainning of call centers and its details. I have small experience of IT field. I want to improve my communication skill.


    Sir, I want to know about trainning of call centers and its details. I have small experience of IT field. I want to improve my communication skill.

    Call Center Institute

    Dear Friends,

    I write the letter for all the boys & girls those are related in call center field.

    I franquely write down that my english talking & writing is not better-better.It is possible when i join call center institute so my english is improved and can i do the call center job also. Can you sugest me which one institute is better in delhi for Call Center Training.

    Presetly I am doing B.Sc.(IT) Final Year. I have complete 2years e-dast diploma in a Software field from CMC Institute.

    Please suggest me Institue Reference & also suggest it is better for my carrer.



    How & what should be done to stop MNC’s to outsource any kind of work to India.This is important because youth in India is wasting their valuable resources on useless activity.This is the kind of job which does’t need no brain & pains.



    I do not accept that Indian boys and girls are wasting time.

    Have you seen in US at the age of 16 the boys and girls work in supermarkets, stores …

    Indian engineers work in petrol stations to earn USD 10 and Hour.

    Let us respect work and labour.

    They are giving Level 1 tech support. They can’t do more.

    Otherwise they watch TV, Gossip,

    In call centers first they learn how to behave with others in a dcent manner. Respond. Listen. Analyze. Attentive.

    Many good aspect of the US or UK or that matter any organized, well behaved industry professionals.

    What have they learned in the schools in India ? Please analyse with open mind.



    Call center is an leading job opportunities in India. which providing more than .25 million employment opportunities in india and which is expect to grow upto 1 million by 2008.

    could any one pls tell that if a candidate has chosen his career in call centre , irrespective of Education. after any blackslash appear in BPO then whats the condition?????



    Nothing to worry. They will be suitable for local business houses.

    If some one works in a call center he will get experience to deal with customers and other business associates.

    Its like a defence official who is retired. He can work in many areas.


    Aman – Trainer call center

    hi some of the trainning is stuck up not practical
    trainers boosting thier ego
    actually give a damn
    actually humiliate the candidates
    its funny , stupid and i feel like ##^^’them
    no one actually reaches out
    trainning is like a done thing
    no one actually cares
    accent – over exaggeration making candidates highly uncomfortable.
    sound stupid – make fools out of our realised that you were based in uk kindly ignore my message because i am based in Bombay India conditions are different here.sorry


    Hi All,

    1. We seem to lack focus.
    2. Accent is imp.
    Content is essential.
    Solution is Very Very imp.
    3. Trainers need to be trained.
    Agents need get an over all exposure on

    – Business ( Domain Specific )
    – Culture ( Country Specific )
    – Behaviour ( Generic )

    …. Many other aspects.

    4. HR guys are working on back dated needs.

    They need tons of staff and are mining from barron fields.

    They do not co operate.

    A very very pathetic situaion.

    5. Moral and Ethical practice need of the hour.

    6. HUMAN Resource creation SHOULD be given PRIORITY with humanity.

    Live and let live.


    eric dsilva

    this is to the notice that we indians have the capability .but lack behind in terms of productive tecniques and we blame it on other .we should be like china and japan after thier devastation they have come up the challenging way.they are said to tech fest countries of the world.are we ready for the global challenge ,are we ready to confront the world.
    thanks well wisher

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 74 total)
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