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Training institutes

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    any body can send me details about the call center setup and resources. i will be grateful to u.



    hiee all,
    i plan to set up a training institute for international call centers in agra, to cater to the demand of trained ppl in delhi,gurgaon region.
    kindly provide with any information for the same.



    We r running two computer institutes in the name of SSI education in Patiala & Rajpura. We would like to diversify our business in call centre training or other education cum placement services. I came to know from one of my friends that you r providing these services. I would like to know about the details of following.
    What kind of assistance company is providing to its students ?
    What r the growth factors?
    What kind of infrasturcture is required to run the business?
    What type of promises & collabrations company is having?


    Amanpreet Singh


    I want to know what are the various certifications or accreditations required for a call centre training institute to be recognized in india

    syed hyder

    Hello Friends, Call centre Training in Hyderabad is the one and only onei know,and that is The Call Cantre Training School Based in secunderbad.Contact me for some details aboout it, Love you all

    Bikash Sharma

    wanted to have information about the Call Center Training Institutes and their set up requirements


    I am Pallavi right now staying in US.I am very very interested in Entering the field of Call Center but i am blank about the education needed.Can anybody please let me know if therer is any training institute in Pune and Mumbai which specialises in Call center Trainings.

    Shrishail Deshnur

    I am interested in starting a call centre training institute in North Karnataka. Can anyone provide me with info regarding the infrastuture, costs, feasibility, prereqisites and other details?


    Sachin Bansal

    Hi all,

    i am sharing the info i recieved from a friend of mine running an exclusive call center training institute

    When you think of opening a training institute, you will find list of institutes and organisations running to you to help you out !!! but are you looking only for this …just OPENING ??? or look forward to do business with it or providing something that will give you an edge in the training concept of call centers … Are you looking for running a course with standard set of modules like, voice and accent, customer service, etc or something related to practical results… something that rocks the call center targets … ..

    All the time we look for the information about the technology, infrastructure, the amount of investment required for operating a training setup… but do we ever think about what will make it run… make it grow and prosper.. if you realy have a burinig desire to setup a call center training and making it prosper…. one of the best place to guide you to be successful is upzeon. they are one of the few people on the world which run training based on dedicated research in the latest technology with applications in NLP in sales.. , you can search for their info from google … with upzeon or nlp call center training india……

    best of luck for your new venture


    hi, I have done BA,And presently doing MPM,i am interested in this call center, i need to improve my accent and communication skills so that I would like to know whether there is any training institute in pune ,its costand duration and details.If anyone got idea about it.looking forward for reply.


    Following will be the three things in a training I will be interested in. Please let me know if there is some company who is providing it in India.

    1) their mother tounge influence in speaking English.
    2) again accent training based on the market to which he is calling.(American Accent or a British Accent) So the client will understand with clarity, and will feel home.
    3) Manners in speaking based on the country you are speaking to (cultural). Generally remove the typical indian rudeness in spoken english

    I have heard there is an institute in hyderabad in Banjara Hills who is specializing in the first one( Mother tounge neutralization). Does any one knows their contact details. Please send me any details if you know.

    Enterpreneurs, this is a real niche area if there is the right team available.

    I dont believe it is possible to copy a course content and teach others. This could be mostly a personalized coaching over phone or face to face based on a person’s current expertise in handling English language.

    Ajai Bhatnagar

    All what you are looking is being routinely done in good training curriculum.
    A google search with’call center training india’ will lead you to some of these institutes.
    If you can publish your contact deatils I can provide you with this information.


    sorry i cant publish information about me in the forum.i tried publishing, but it looks like the forum admins deletes such information before its getting published.

    [Moderator’s note: Postings where contact detailed need to be exchanged are considered commercial, and the person posting is required to pay a small fee towards our marketing costs. Messages that accepted free of charge on this forum will have contact details removed.]


    I think you must have seen that you require to pay a fee for publishing contact.


    Hi sachin
    I checked out upzeon website & whatever little they had posted interested me a you have any contact nos of theirs as their website is still not developed (they dont have much info).
    thanks..hope u read this.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 74 total)
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