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Setting up a Call Centre in India

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    I need a feasibility report on call center setup (Chennai-India). Any help /consultants possible from this forum may mail to me at [contact details removed]

    Deepak Phatak

    On the lines of what Sridhar from Chennai has asked, Can any one frequenting this forum help us regarding a feasibility report to set up a call center (inbound or outbound? We want to set up a CC in Pune, India. We are open to a JV. Also, we will need alliance with parties who already have clients. Thanks. I have given my contact ID on other similar forums. will be glad to give again if someone wants. Best Regds. Deepak


    Dear Deepak,
    Where is your facility in Pune?
    What is the area?

    vishesh oberoi

    we are interested in setting up a call center in mumbai. The group has the facility of 3000 sq ft in mumbai and can arrange for a loan of upto 1.5 cr for the set up of the project, would any body be interested in providing us the due expertise for drafting out an feasibility report of the project.


    hi Vishesh,
    Money and space both are not suffecient to run cc with colors.
    with this much money you will find yourself stuck in half way and so loose everything.
    hope you will return to this site with more space and more money.
    good luck!

    chenthil arasu

    i like to start a call center in chennai.please guide me the following details.
    minimum area required.
    minimum investment required.
    which type of field to be selected
    in cc.


    I am interested to find out if call center software vendors are discounting their products in India…or are they selling at normal EMEA & NA market prices?


    Hello Cara: Sorry for the delay in responding. Our Pune office is over 5000 sq. ft. in prime area (Prabhat Road). Are you still interested in a JV to start a CC? Regards. Deepak

    Ajai Bhatnagar

    Dear Mr. Deepak,
    We can explore the possibility.

    Kam Patel

    Hi Guys:

    Our company details are stated elsewhere on a paid basis, please go through that and we shall be able to help anyone who wants to start a call center and we also give work for calling campaigns etc.


    Kam Patel


    hi Shalini,
    are all your queries addresses? if not do raise any querry and i shall try my best to answer them.


    Well I think after having read all the messages posted on the board.I find everybody is doing the same wrong thing over and over again.Investing heavily in IPLC’s..when a cheaper alternative is available in terms of using VoIP.


    Hi Deepak,
    You are absolutely right,However, what we must also look at, Is the transition problems the existing Callcenters face in order to Migrate from IPLC to VoIP. The budding & newly set up Callcenters are definitely taking the best advantage of the VoIP technology.Well,I am very much privileged to represent our company based In US that provides Solutions In Digitized VoIP.
    The cost savings are considerable when Callcenters are Established & Managed On VoIP,to give a tip In India One needs to compare Annual cost of a 2 Mbps IPLC and 2 Mbps of Premium Internet Connection.

    ( For IPLC costs Kindly Add Up the Cost of the Half Circuit at the Origination End,As costs given by service providers in India is for Half Circuit)
    Hope I am clear enough! If one needs a clearer picture on the cost advantage May be I can help.


    Vishesh Oberoi

    Hi Vishesh,

    In regards to your message looking forward to set up a call center in Mumbai,
    We at Aryan Infomedia are a Total IT Solution provider and can provided you Managed Voice Solution which is a cost effective solution for up comming call centers and start up were in up dont have any major investments done in Hardware etc. For futhur details contact Jim Lloyds at or 9819063349 or visit our site at




    Dear Deepak/Kris,
    Just lost touch over last few months but would seriously like to know how many of the top BPO/CC are running on VoIP. I agree its def. a cheaper alternative to an IPLC but when you are in a service industry like above, then what is your pick? More importantly how much is people’s mindset and how much is technology to be blamed for this.

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 73 total)
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