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Setting up a Call Centre in India

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    Hi There,

    I am hoping someone can help me with some information. I am residing in Australia and am interested in some information for setting up a contact centre in India preferrably towards South of India.

    The information required is the following:
    General salaries of people in a Call Center:
    . Agent
    . Team Leader
    . Supervisor
    . Contact Center Manager
    . IT support
    . Trainer
    . Project Manager
    . HR person
    . Financial person
    . Clerical
    . Sales

    . Churn rate per year

    Costs for:
    . Employer (in Singapore this is 20% on top of the salary for medical etc.)
    . Office space (near public transport and food courts that people can go out and eat, I recognize that the latter one is very important)
    . Utility percentage for office space (we take 10% for heating in the Netherlands)
    . Office furniture (desk, chair, lockers, kitchen stuff, copy machines). Normally this is a price per seat (work station). In Singapore this price is S$5000 per seat.

    . Price of ISDN 30 (2 Meg link) per month
    . Price for telephone usage for local calls, between India and Singapore and between India and China.
    . Price of Internet access (2 Meg link) per month

    Working environment:
    . Amount of hours in the work week
    . Efficiency factor (in western world we take 85%)
    . Amount of days public leave per year
    . Amount of annual leave days
    . Amount of sick leave (on average) per year
    . Amount of training days per year (on average) in a Contact/Call Center

    . Corporate tax rate


    Thats a lot of information to share on a open forum u reallly have o come up with a commercial posting for the same

    You are asking for a complete Feasibility Report inputs which is a good way to do things. i could do this but only against a commercial posting


    hello shalini,

    nice query,but i feel there are some confusion in your mind reg telecommunication head. we can discuss full business plan in detail.

    few details :
    Here in india E1(2 Meg link) line is provided by vsnl,which charged approx US$ 54,000 per annum.
    There is no need for ISDN line for setting up call center.
    working invironment is :
    24/7/365 for call center setup.
    and effeciency can be calculated
    once the details of your requirment known and can be calcualted with help of erlang calculator.
    same thing is true with the salary and other detail including churn rate, i mean to say according to you business need.
    there is some basic difference of working environment between singapore , china and india. so you can’t compare that simply.

    hope i have given satisfactory answer to some of your query.

    we promote call centers in india, so in case you need professional help/services i will be glad to do so.

    Shalini Menon

    Thank You Mahesh

    Could u tell me if there are any restrictions on using VOIP in india and communicating using an ISP in one country to connect to another office in India.


    Hello shalini,
    there is no restriction for using VoIP unless you are not
    connected to pstn at any end(except for the exlucive usage
    of call center).
    I think we must start professional communication now.
    I am from a US based company. we are technology providers
    for different types of call centers,and i am deputed for this
    in India.
    Any other query from you is welcome.



    No restrictions on VOIP but u cant port a PSTN line to a VOIP. For that you have to be an ISP with an ILD license

    For a Call center however the qulaity of VOIP calling cards solutions on offer are really not upto the mark from what i have been using

    You would need a dedicated IPLC to the geograhic region where u wish to originate calls from or make calls to

    Abheek Datta

    hi mahesh,
    can u please tell me the break up of the cost of investment required for setting up a 300 seater call centre


    hi mahesh,

    as u promote call centers here in india can u tell me what are the minimum requirements to start a call center. atleast can u give me a rough figure?


    Hello sameer

    hello sameer,

    What you want is split up cost of different part of call center project is it?


    hi mahesh,
    Thanks for the reply. ya right i just wanna know what every bit costs and what is the minimum i need to have to start a call center and also i want to know if any call center companys give out their franchisee.


    Hello Sameer Minimum requirement varies frm case to case and the kind of buziness plan that you wish to enter Mr.Sameer.To start a call center, if expected to serve abroad clients the best would be a risk free 24 seater. the cost would be roughly 3 crores, if you are further interested please contact we can help you

    Hello sameer

    hello sameer,

    Palani is right. but for further details i want to know more in detail.



    sameer this is right time to start a call center. i will suggest you that don’t move without proper homework,otherwise results are drastically opposite.


    It is absolutely true Neelchakra, This is the right time to start up a call center with the bandwidth costs coming down and private players having entered the market and much more cost cutting on the cards. But as Neelchakra has remarked it is also important to identify and have a definite business plan before venturing into it.

    Vishal Jhamb

    The information required is the following:
    General salaries of people in a Call Center:
    . Agent 8000 – 14000 P.M
    . Team Leader 15000 – 20000

    . Supervisor 25000 – 35000 P.M

    . Contact Center Manager 35000 – 50000 P.M

    . IT support ( Facility Management is usually available for 4-5000 US $ P.M

    . Trainer 30000 – 40000 P.M

    . Project Manager 30000 P.M ( Usually Campaign Manager )

    . HR person 20000 – 30000 P.M

    . Financial person ( Sr, Manager ) 30000-35000 P.M

    . Clerical 12 – 15000 P.M

    . Sales ( BDM ) 30 – 40000 P.M

    All figures are Ball park + Pick up and Drop & Food on shift

    . Churn rate per year 20% P.M

    The cost of setting up a state of an art Facility in India ( On Rent ) with Minimum 48 Seats ( 2 T1’s ) is approx 6 Lacs INR Per Seat ( End to End ) with a moderate technology blend and 2 Months working Capital in place.

    Vishal Jhamb

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 73 total)
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