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Setting up a Call Centre in India

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    i am of nmims mumbai for a project a need to know how much investment it takes to set up a call center in india, specially in mumbai?
    please send me detials for a 10 seat call center,50 seat & 100 seat call center.

    it will be very kind of you if send me detials tommorow.


    I am in need of netphone software for my inbound callcentre in which agents can make and receive calls but most importantly agent should be able to see the phone number where the call is coming from and the number on which the call came to.


    Salary Structure Changed..

    The information required is the following:
    General salaries of people in a Call Center:

    . Agent 8000 – 10000 P.M (Non Tech)
    . Agent 10000 – 18000 P.M (Tech)
    . Team Leader 15000 – 20000P.M (Non Tech)
    . Team Leader 20000 – 25000P.M (Tech)

    . Supervisor 25000 – 35000 P.M
    no supervisor required these days.

    . IT support ( Facility Management is usually available for 20000 – 25000 P.M

    . Trainer 25000 – 30000 P.M

    . Project Manager 30000 P.M ( Usually Campaign Manager )

    . HR person 20000 – 30000 P.M

    . Financial person ( Sr, Manager ) 30000-35000 P.M

    . Clerical 12 – 15000 P.M

    . Sales ( BDM ) 30 – 40000 P.M

    All figures are Ball park + Pick up and Drop & Food on shift

    . Churn rate per year 20% P.M

    The cost of setting up a state of an art Facility in India ( On Rent ) with Minimum 48 Seats ( 2 T1’s ) is approx 6 Lacs INR Per Seat ( End to End ) with a moderate technology blend and 2 Months working Capital in place.


    rituparna hazarika

    i m fresher .
    i m looking for tech call centre .
    if any 1 can give me any information it will be very helpful to me.

    rituparna hazarika


    Can anyone give me figures on bandwidth costs for India for Intl Private Leased Circuits (IPLCs, i.e., T1 = 1.5 Mbps to E1 = 2 Mbps).

    How about Mobile(Cellular) costs for local & international calls, including SMS/Text Messaging rates?

    … appreciate it. Thanks!


    Hi Rituparna,

    To join a tech call center the first thing you have to check is what type of call centers do u have in your town and is there any call center with a technical account, and what type of tech account you are looking to join, telecom or computer related.




    I am hoping someone can help me with some information. I am residing in Canada and am
    interested in some information for setting up a contact centre in karachi, pakistan.

    The information required is the following:
    General salaries of people in a Call Center:
    . Agent
    . Team Leader
    . Supervisor
    . Contact Center Manager
    . IT support
    . Trainer
    . Project Manager
    . HR person
    . Financial person
    . Clerical
    . Sales

    . Churn rate per year

    Costs for:
    . Employer
    . Office space (near public transport and food courts )
    . Utility percentage for office space
    . Office furniture (desk, chair, lockers, kitchen stuff, copy machines). Normally this is a price per
    seat (work station).
    . Price of ISDN 30 (2 Meg link) per month
    . Price for telephone usage for local calls, between pakistan and USA and between pakistan and
    . Price of Internet access (2 Meg link) per month

    Working environment:
    . Amount of hours in the work week
    . Efficiency factor (in western world we take 85%)
    . Amount of training days per year (on average) in a Contact/Call Center


    Kam Patel

    Hi Ali:

    We can certainly help you, in terms of what you want to know is stated on this great Forum’s this webapge itself by Gaurav where he has stated the salaries which prevail in India, as I am also in touch with some of the centers in Pakistan, I understand that for your calculation you can slash the rates stated there by around 45% to 55% to recxh at real figures for Karachi.

    Further, we can help you set up a Proffessional Call Center, as we offer both Technology and also programs to go ahead and you can find our address on any of the other postings with the above name


    as I want to start up a call centre here in india. can u tell me what are the minimum requirements to start a call center. atleast can u give me a rough figure?



    Hi Mahesh,
    We r thinking of starting a call center in Bangalore,India.Could u pls gimme more details abt the type of technology u have discussed in this forum.I’m a layman to all this so it sounds like greek anmd ltin to me but I’m a quick would be great if u could explain everything in detail.thanx.


    I am abt to setup a call centre in gurgaon,can anyone guide me on setting up a good hr team??
    also what are the recent ways devised to reduce overheads


    can some one tell me the cost of electricity required for 50 seater call cnetr

    amit chowdhary

    please send me detail to set up call center training insititute i have a setup of 20 seat with theory and parctical class in ranchi,india


    What is the bet suited sick leave policy for a BPO in India.


    Hello people,
    For the sake of education, could anyone give me a comparitive analysis of products & services of IPLC providers in INDIA — both indian players and foreign ones.

    waiting in anticipation,

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 73 total)
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