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Your opinion about Quintum?

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    hi noname,

    thanks again for the help. i really apreciated it very much. I have configured our box the same way although it was not working before then later i found out that there was a problem on the US side. 😀

    anyway, thanks again for taking time in answering my queries.



    hi i am a voip business man .i have some trouble to configure quintum gate way .one gateway some port need auto call some need fixed port so how can i do that?Please let me know .i would be grateful if you give me suggestion about it.i am looking forward to hearing from you soon .with kind regards
    thanking you


    Hello evry one,

    Well, i want to connect 3three building between them via Outdoor wireless (IP) connections given Data and voice services. I’ve got quintums tenor ASM200 for voice and I could’nt configure them proporly. so i’ll be really appreciate to you.

    Thanks a lots.


    i have a tenor A200, upgrading the firmware i lose the conection and it’s seem that the A200 lose the flash, Is there any way to load a new .bin file using xmodem protocol from the console?


    In regards to your wireless application it should work smooth, you need to make sure some qos is configured on your wireless network and also you have to get a good IP routing, as soon as you verify that this is ready I can help you with the configuration of the boxes.


    Hi i have 2 quintum AS series , i am not able to make a call from one to the other. The 2 quintum are on the same network ips: and
    there is a phone on the FXS port of each quantum.
    i need help. if u can send me the configuration it will be great. thanks


    In regards to the 2 AS. Email me at & I will help you once i have more info about your setup.


    I have a problem with a quintum A800,

    Am able to receive calls through IP> PSTN but the PROBLEM is that the called person cannot hear the caller BUT caller can hear cristal clear.

    Any solutions please?


    Most likely you are trying to work behind a router doing NAT.

    The voice packets find the way out, from the NAT to the WAN, because the only information needed is the “default gateway” in order to go from the LAN to the WAN.
    But the packets from the WAN to the LAN are not making it trought, either because you are not on the DMZ of the router, or you do not have the proper ports forwarded from WAN to LAN.

    Try the easy solutions first: Put the Quintum on the DMZ of the router.
    If that still does not work, you may need to setup the router to do port forwarding , the Quintum site have a document listing the ports that you need to setup.

    Best luck.


    I want to know about quintum configuration through consol port. If it is possible then please send me whole configuration process.


    You probably have to configure your router to allow map all ports to the IP address that is using the quintum in order to make it happen, most of the router have forwarding in the configuration some others need to be configured to forward the packets, all about routing to fix your problem. H323 is way mode demanding than SIP for routing and IP packet finding they’re way in and out of the WAN interface.


    Hi I am trying to connect a quintum AS series to A Vanguard 320 Motorola Router (with H323 Protocol present)with FXS card.
    The Quintum is able to dial the router, but the router is not able to dial the quintum. any advice? and if u’ve done it can u send me the configuration of both the router and quintum? thanks



    Im looking for configuration how to work out the quintum.I encounter that the ip address and the Default gateway provided by the internet provider is the same.its give me ip address is,subnetmask, and defaultgatway…i trying to work it out but it does’nt thier someone encounter this problem can help me.thanks


    Quintum 800/ax rarn & seal


    GOOOD DAY!!!

    I’m looking for complete documents and manual of Quintum A800 Series.
    I will hihgly appreciate your help.

    here’s my email address:

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 287 total)
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