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Cell Planning

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    Mohammad Yasin

    Salaam Waleed
    Where are you .Got ur mail. But no reply after that.You must be stuck in work.And now must be busy in RAMZAN .
    Waiting for your reply.


    Could any one please mail the cell planning GSM/CDMA documents.

    Here is the mail id

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi All
    Hi Mr. Waleed
    I would be very thankful if any body could send me (GSM RF cell planning manulas)

    Further, I am looking for an expereince cell planner for the purpose of training of 2 to 3 engineers for GSM Cell planning using TEMS software from Ericsson. I got the whole software already installed.
    We could arrange class in Europe or in Turkey.

    vivek singh

    can u send me the cell planning & an brief description on GSM

    Atul Ahuja

    hi all,
    lets keep up the good work.

    Deepak Jain

    Hi all

    Every body wants Cell planning Manual but it is very large and also i don’t have the soft copy. so it is very difficult to send that manual.

    Aland / Austria

    Dear Mr. Deepak Jain

    could you please let me know What are the type of manulas? is it related to TEMS? Could you send me the table of contents?


    Am working as a GSM radio network planning specialist and am requesting information on cell planning, frequency planning and network optimisation.


    Hi All,

    I knew of a very experienced Cell Planning trainer with many years of cell planning experience. Please respond if you have any training requirements. I’ll be pleased to forward his biography and the course syllabus for Cell Planning.

    Deepak Jain

    Hi Aland

    In your 21st oct. article you wrote that you installed TEMS software. If you have TEMS software then you just go through its help manual. That manual is sufficient to work on TEMS software. If you need any basic knowledge manual then send me your email id.



    can anyone send me any manuals for cell planning, also manual for TEMS. I am working for ericsson in saudi arabia, the project is going on in urgent basis. so please send them asap.

    regards all

    Leslie Brown

    I would like to know about optimisation.
    Please help.
    Ms. Leslie



    I am looking for the test intrument for the GSM optimization purposes. Like TEMPS & EIRP & others if available. For Cell planning purposes. I am working in GSM Ericsson, Siemens, & Motorola.
    one more thing a software which can be use for Path loss measurement in GSM Cell sites.

    Thank you very much if you can help me.


    Hi to all expert,I am new to this forum and find it very helpful, I work as Telecom Engineer for BTS Installation , can anyone kindly send me the relevant info about cell planning, optimisation, drive testing manuals and procedures at

    Thanks for your help.


    Hi to all,
    Hi Mr. Deepak Jain.

    I already read the manual you send me and its very informative.
    Thank you for your time. May i request also if you have manuals for TEMS Optimisation or procedure on Drive testing, time slot testing in Nokia and Ericsson Equipment.

    If you have also Manuals for cell planning the better.

    Thanks in advance!


Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 184 total)
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