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Cell Planning

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    I’m not irritated at all, I just can’t stop writing sometimes. That’s why i said “enough !”

    It seems to me you have the answer to your question already… is there any dark spot still ?


    I don’t know all your features, but it is possible to multiplex your O&M and your RSLs on one TS. LapD concentrated… it should be related to your sdcch timeslots. With a special radio ts configuration, you can multiplex the RSL on the 2 E1 TS reserved for the TRX.


    hi pix

    i m stil trying to get inside it for a unanimous answer
    Why AMR ?
    to increase call capacity
    or to increase signal strenth



    Codec adaptation : to increase the signal protection, to allow a good voice quality while suffering from a poor C/I

    Channel adaptation : to maximize occupancy of the cell by making an intracell HO from FR timeslot to HR timeslot.

    Both of your answers are good. Why should there be only ONE advantage for this feature ? All in all, it increases interference robustness + cell capacity, depending on the situation the call is facing, and depending on the cell load status.


    If i have minutes carried over network & busy hour traffic & call sucess rate with me. how can i calculate erlang carrid over the network in the Busy hour?

Viewing 4 posts - 181 through 184 (of 184 total)
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