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Switch Planning for GSM

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    hi i am working for GSM company
    i would like to know in details about Lucent Recomendations


    Hi all,

    can anyone please tell me or explain to me.. what does this term ‘drop call’ mean.. is it a problem that occur when u change from 1 cell 2 another while ur on the cell phone ? what are the causes of it ? why does it happen ? any solutions 2 it ?

    thanks in advance..



    “Each cell site is controlled by a mobile switching center (or ‘switch’). The switch is the brain in the network and may control as many as 100 to 200 cell sites. The voice channels at the cell sites are generally routed to the switch through land lines, and the switch connects the cellular network to the local telephone company. The switch is responsible for keeping track of the mobile call as the handset moves from one cell coverage area to another. This process is known as hand-off, and the switch tells one cell site to drop the call, tells the mobile phone to change voice channel frequencies, and tells the new cell site to pick up the call. All of this is going on without the caller being aware of the transfer (unless it doesn’t work!).


    So Satish ur saying that this ‘drop call’ is part of a automatic process know as hand-off, right ? =)

    Sometimes ur call get disconnected when this happens.. is it due to the unsuccessful pick up from the new cell site ? or has the switch on that cell site has already maxed out its network connection ?

    c.kristhudass rabert

    Sudhir, Charlie, Raquel,Jules & Harshvadan

    If u don’t mind can u guys include my name also in ur friend list,

    Right now I am working in corDECT WLL but i have lots lot of interest in GSM switch field.

    Please teach me something about ur techlogy and planning.

    contact me on

    Thanks & regards
    c.kristhudass rabert


    Hi Mehmet
    I am working with a leading network operator.I would like to know more about NSS Planning in detail.Can u help me out?
    Thanks and regards

    Jon Andre


    I’m working with BSS optimization at a local mobile operator. I facing a problem with Um/radio interface dimensioning and Half Rate. Could anyone please give me a hint how to use the Erlang B formula when half rate is involved.

    Thanks in advandce

    Jon Andre

    Sachin Aneja

    Hi All,
    I will be highly thankful to all of you if u solve out my probs.

    Plz tell me

    1>Procedure for calculating GSM Antenna gain.
    2>Why we always use -24v or -48v power in case of BTS.
    3> How we get roaming(procedure)in GSM.

    4> Also tell me the general questions which anyone can asked at the time of interview for the BSS Engineer.

    plz reply me asap.

    My email i.d is

    if anyone wants to share his technical knowledge with me, is always welcome.


    Pl tell me some good material to read on BTS site installation?
    1.what are the key points that we should keep in mind while designing any RF N/w.


    Some radio drop details
    -Dropped Calls Due To Bad Quality

    -Dropped Calls Due To Low Signal Strength
    -Dropped Calls Due To Other Reasons
    If the cell suffers from dropped calls besides the reasons low SS, bad quality and excessive timing advance the dropped calls will be counted as otherreasons.


    Dear sudhir,

    I would like to learn the fundamentals of RF Planning right from the begening.pls suggest some books and concerned sites that prtesents some docs related to planning.



    does Siemens already provide MSC with 1 million VLR capacity and 1 million BHCA. if not what is their max. VLR and BHCA cpacity that they can provide in India.
    Also, how many MSC will Siemens need if an operator has 400K VLR sub. base with 1.5 BHCA per sub and 40mrl traffic per sub.

    from an operators marketing dept.


    Hi Ashish,

    I am working for an operator overseas and we are using siemens switch. i will give u some information based on the our network. We have installed Power CP in all our MSCs, the static capacity of VLR is 180K, with 1.7 BHCA.

    400k sub 1ith 1.5 BHCA, total BHCA will be 600k. Assuming 180k VLR in one MSC, u need atleast 3 MSCs.

    Any more clarrification u can write back.



    Hi sudhir,

    can u provide your email address on so that we can correspond directly. by the way what is the maximum VLR static capacity u can have in the MSC with power CPU. and did u have any problems after upgarding the MSC with power CP. such as stability problems etc.



    I am a telecommunication Engineer,currently supporting an MVNO in Europe.
    I would like to know how can I calculate how many SS7 Links do I need to connect to SMSC(short message center)?
    I would be very glad if you could let me know how.

    Thank you in advance,


Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 410 total)
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