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Reply To: GSM/KPI

vijay sharma

Please any body give any advice regarding below mentioned case :

some of our subscribers are facing some peculiar type of problem in A sector BTS in our 2G network.Our observations are as under :

We have 5 mo no’s at a particular cell of a BTS site ,2 no’s are working fine while 03 no’s face error in connection while originating a call and no is switched off or out of coverage area when try to receive a call.all the no’s are working fine in other sector of this BTS as well as other network area.

When the no’s were put on trace in MSC our locations were not updated to A sector and MSC says that u are till in some other place,it means that our authentication is not updated in msc/hlr.Moreover whenever we agin switch off.on the mobile and select network message comes access is denied.

we have changed the handset,reset the BTS siteboth soft and hard,swapped the CTU’s/Duplexers,checked the cable swap,checked the alarms,SDcch congestion etc but everything is fine as per OMCR.