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    For cells in border there will lots of location updates goin on, thus making heavy signalling load. CRH INcreases the border virtually, eventhough u come out of perticular cell at border handover will occur only if the value of C2 is greater than CRH in that perticular cell..


    Hi all

    GSM KPI does it have list show parameters and where can I see it pls?


    Reasons for High TCH drop, and the parameters to look into to reduce the drop after TCH assign. (NOKIA system)

    Dinesh Kr Hassija

    Can any body tell that SDCCh Drop Call Rate is same as SDCCH RF LOSS Rate, TCH Drop Call Rate is same as TCH RF Loss rate,
    Blocked Cell rate-SDCH Congestion = SDCCH Blocking Rate,
    Blocked Call Rate -TCH Congestion=TCH Blocking Rate


    can you provid some study material for KPI in details to me please.


    A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a specific measure of an organization’s performance in an area of its business. It is a general concept, with different implementations depending on the type of business and goals of the organization.

    From the perspective of balance scorecard, KPIs can be categorized by financial, customer, internal processes and learning&growth.


    hello friends
    how to resolved d3 droop when every things ok proper handover good qualti no blockeg normal traffic.


    hello, any body please tell how we improve the site with the following data of ASR=88.59,CSSR=77.11,DCR=13.02,HSR=83.02,SDCCH RF Loss rate=0.66 and TCH RF loss rate :8.04, with no hardware alarm.



    coverage holes / bad terrain
    no neighbours
    fast moving ms
    bad frequency hopping definition

    if you say no to all of the above… then it is a hardware problem:

    cross feeders / cross sectors
    TRX failures
    Combiner failures
    Bad feeders / bad connectors
    Abis failures

    you should gather more qos stats, in order to know where to investigate.



    No hardware issue was found on site, traffic data like cssr,drop call rate ,also found ok for two days, but for 3rd day these parameters were not ok and for day 4th and 5th these parameters were again ok. Please any body will advise what we have to check in the sytem for 3rd day.



    without chaging anything in the system, your KPIs are getting good and bad “by themselves”.

    Is there enough traffic on this BTS for you to be certain that the QoS Stats are based on sufficient amount of samples? If you have 10 calls per hour, then the random occurence of drops will have severe influence on your KPIs.

    If you have enough traffic, then it is obviously a HW instability. It cannot be anything else.

    Try changing the TRX, the combiner, the BTS, etc…

    That’s just my 2cts… if anyone has another idea…

    vijay sharma

    Please any body give any advice regarding below mentioned case :

    some of our subscribers are facing some peculiar type of problem in A sector BTS in our 2G network.Our observations are as under :

    We have 5 mo no’s at a particular cell of a BTS site ,2 no’s are working fine while 03 no’s face error in connection while originating a call and no is switched off or out of coverage area when try to receive a call.all the no’s are working fine in other sector of this BTS as well as other network area.

    When the no’s were put on trace in MSC our locations were not updated to A sector and MSC says that u are till in some other place,it means that our authentication is not updated in msc/hlr.Moreover whenever we agin switch off.on the mobile and select network message comes access is denied.

    we have changed the handset,reset the BTS siteboth soft and hard,swapped the CTU’s/Duplexers,checked the cable swap,checked the alarms,SDcch congestion etc but everything is fine as per OMCR.

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)
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