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Reply To: Frequency Hopping System



you refer to this post ?

“SFH 1×3 Enhance is one of fitur of vendors, as I know Siemens can do SFH 1×3 Enhance.
let say :
sector 1 have A malist, sector 2 have B malis, and sector 3 have C malist, so for enhance, the MALIST become : A+B for sector 1, B+C for sector 2, and C+A for sector 3.

If we have many frequencies, better we use non hopping system. or better goes to SFH directly.”

I think it is quite explicit, even though i’ve never seen it. Actually, (as far as i understand it) it’s more like a trick, a kind of “1 x 1.5”. It’s not really a feature because one can implement it like any other SFH grouping. Now, I may be wrong.

How do you interpret his post ?