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Frequency Hopping System

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    Hi Telecom,

    Can u plz tell me abt abis sdcch drop rate why this drop is happned?

    i want to knw abt the LAC planning?can any body help me.

    i didnt find the ans. of que..
    if 1 TS faulty than whole Trx. faulty or its problem of 51 multiframe??

    how to check TS working or not in TEMS4.1?

    and Tyagrajan is it true HO desion from only take a measurment of BCCH rx_level?

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    #-85db according to the ericsson algorithm is the minimum access for PLMN selection.
    if there is no HPLMN & no permitted PLMN for roaming => the MS will be powered on but not connected to network. But just making periodic attempt to get an access.
    # about the restriction, I don’t know, I will search to know about that,

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    dear mr jood,
    i found this restriction in GSM rec 3.22 , but the rec’s are not user friendly.!
    thatswhy i asked u

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    Would like to know the purpose ob BCCH allocation list and Mobile allocation list at BSC.

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    Hi to all,

    Can anyboby help me with Frames Structure… What i know is 26 TCH frames and 51 BCCH frames are used. This means For Traffic channels 4.616*26=120ms. And for BCCH 51*4.616=235ms. I just want to know how Both of these get synchronised into Super and Hyper Frames. Please explain……..

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    No need for synchronization Cuz after transferring to dedicated mode (tch) from the common mode (control ch) you dont have to connect BOTH.

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    Faiq Shahzad

    what is 1X1 Frequency Hopping

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    to shahzad

    1×1 Fh system means tht u r using same MAlist in all ur cell for frequency hopping.


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    can anyone explain to me what is baseband hopping and synthesized hopping.

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    Hi colin,

    baseband hopping – when all TRX under cell use hopping except BCCH TRX.

    synthesized hopping – when all TRX under cell use hopping.

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    Pavel you are not right.
    Baseband is when the number of hopping freqs are limited by the number of TRXs. Syntezised means that you have a certain number of freqs 2 or 3 times more than the TRX to hop on. Also in SFH your BCCH does not hop.

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    Hi guys,

    Do you have any info about 1×3 Enhance SFH, about which Wilibrordus Herbowo is talking about?

    Tnx in advance

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    Please i want to have a comparison between hybrid and filter combiners used RF Tx combining for a GSM network, viz a viz: Losses, Output Power, Reliability etc.

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    you refer to this post ?

    “SFH 1×3 Enhance is one of fitur of vendors, as I know Siemens can do SFH 1×3 Enhance.
    let say :
    sector 1 have A malist, sector 2 have B malis, and sector 3 have C malist, so for enhance, the MALIST become : A+B for sector 1, B+C for sector 2, and C+A for sector 3.

    If we have many frequencies, better we use non hopping system. or better goes to SFH directly.”

    I think it is quite explicit, even though i’ve never seen it. Actually, (as far as i understand it) it’s more like a trick, a kind of “1 x 1.5”. It’s not really a feature because one can implement it like any other SFH grouping. Now, I may be wrong.

    How do you interpret his post ?

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    Hi Pix,

    Yes I refer to that post.
    I also understand it like a trick but Wilibrordus is talking about a feature???
    That’s why I am asking. What will be the load in that case? In 1×1 it is 16% (30 freq = 5TRX) or in 1×3 it is 50% (30 freq per site => 10 per sector => 5TRX).
    In 1x3enhance is it again 50%? If yes then you have 10TRX????
    How could you provide that if you are hopping on A+B on sector 1 and on B+C on sector 2 you will never have at a certain moment of time same freq on two sectors?

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 118 total)
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