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Frequency Hopping System

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    Hi Telecom,

    Can u plz tell me abt abis sdcch drop rate why this drop is happned?

    i want to knw abt the LAC planning?can any body help me.

    i didnt find the ans. of que..
    if 1 TS faulty than whole Trx. faulty or its problem of 51 multiframe??

    how to check TS working or not in TEMS4.1?

    and Tyagrajan is it true HO desion from only take a measurment of BCCH rx_level?


    #-85db according to the ericsson algorithm is the minimum access for PLMN selection.
    if there is no HPLMN & no permitted PLMN for roaming => the MS will be powered on but not connected to network. But just making periodic attempt to get an access.
    # about the restriction, I don’t know, I will search to know about that,


    dear mr jood,
    i found this restriction in GSM rec 3.22 , but the rec’s are not user friendly.!
    thatswhy i asked u


    Would like to know the purpose ob BCCH allocation list and Mobile allocation list at BSC.


    Hi to all,

    Can anyboby help me with Frames Structure… What i know is 26 TCH frames and 51 BCCH frames are used. This means For Traffic channels 4.616*26=120ms. And for BCCH 51*4.616=235ms. I just want to know how Both of these get synchronised into Super and Hyper Frames. Please explain……..


    No need for synchronization Cuz after transferring to dedicated mode (tch) from the common mode (control ch) you dont have to connect BOTH.

    Faiq Shahzad

    what is 1X1 Frequency Hopping



    to shahzad

    1×1 Fh system means tht u r using same MAlist in all ur cell for frequency hopping.



    can anyone explain to me what is baseband hopping and synthesized hopping.


    Hi colin,

    baseband hopping – when all TRX under cell use hopping except BCCH TRX.

    synthesized hopping – when all TRX under cell use hopping.



    Pavel you are not right.
    Baseband is when the number of hopping freqs are limited by the number of TRXs. Syntezised means that you have a certain number of freqs 2 or 3 times more than the TRX to hop on. Also in SFH your BCCH does not hop.


    Hi guys,

    Do you have any info about 1×3 Enhance SFH, about which Wilibrordus Herbowo is talking about?

    Tnx in advance


    Please i want to have a comparison between hybrid and filter combiners used RF Tx combining for a GSM network, viz a viz: Losses, Output Power, Reliability etc.



    you refer to this post ?

    “SFH 1×3 Enhance is one of fitur of vendors, as I know Siemens can do SFH 1×3 Enhance.
    let say :
    sector 1 have A malist, sector 2 have B malis, and sector 3 have C malist, so for enhance, the MALIST become : A+B for sector 1, B+C for sector 2, and C+A for sector 3.

    If we have many frequencies, better we use non hopping system. or better goes to SFH directly.”

    I think it is quite explicit, even though i’ve never seen it. Actually, (as far as i understand it) it’s more like a trick, a kind of “1 x 1.5”. It’s not really a feature because one can implement it like any other SFH grouping. Now, I may be wrong.

    How do you interpret his post ?


    Hi Pix,

    Yes I refer to that post.
    I also understand it like a trick but Wilibrordus is talking about a feature???
    That’s why I am asking. What will be the load in that case? In 1×1 it is 16% (30 freq = 5TRX) or in 1×3 it is 50% (30 freq per site => 10 per sector => 5TRX).
    In 1x3enhance is it again 50%? If yes then you have 10TRX????
    How could you provide that if you are hopping on A+B on sector 1 and on B+C on sector 2 you will never have at a certain moment of time same freq on two sectors?

Viewing 15 posts - 76 through 90 (of 118 total)
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