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Frequency Hopping System

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    Hi Guys!

    I have just joined the Network Engineering department and my new manager asked me to implement Frequency Hopping on our network. I want to know from you guys how I must go about it and between baseband and synthesizer which one is the best. To be honest at this point I don’t even know where to start, I will appriciate you help. thanx


    I also want to know about Frequency hopping. I see no one has responded yet. please can you help us guys?

    Jason Maryland

    Are you referring to wireless networks? Frequency Hopping is a common term for “Spread Spectrum Transmission” There is FHSS – Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and DSSS – Direct Select Spread Spectrum. These are two techniques for dividing up a frequency and moving around within it to keep others from finding your activity. Those two acronyms can point you to sources. Let me know if you are looking for something different.


    Thanx for replying jason!
    i’m refering to wireless networks specifacally GSM. what i wanted to know is which one between baseband and synthesizer i should use for our network. and how do i go about implementing it?


    there are 2 kinds of hopping in wireless GSM. radio frequency hopping ang baseband hopping. baseband hopping refers to the hopping of frequencies on a timeslot of every transceiver within the same sector or BTS. RF hoppng refers to the hopping of frequency on each timeslot of specific transceiver. Each of which has their own advantages and frequencies to follow depending on their MAL list


    Frequency Hopping Reduce interference.Synthesizer frequency Hopping(sfh) is suitible for big cities or where you face with low frequency beam is suitble for configuration higher than 2 Trx per sector.most BTS equipments support BBH but maybe some BTS’s do’nt support SFH.In BSC AND MSC you must have software that support hopping and tune some parameters.
    there is a lot of things that i do’nt know how i describe it for you.
    good luck


    We use Syn hopping for EDGE.


    Hi Guys,
    I would liek to know the steps in implementing Frequesncy Hopping on a wireless network.


    Thanks guys!

    To zone!
    what equipment are using?.because in our network we using siemens and assign EDGE on BCCH trx wich can not hop with SFH.

    To all!
    the other question is if i have cell with two radios BCCH and one TCH is it advisable to hop on this cell?


    To KayDee olso siemens, msc and bsc.


    explain to me how you are hopping for Edge. because in our network we are using GPRS/EGPRS on BCCH TRX which can not hop when you are using Synthesized frequency hopping, the main reason we are using BCCH is for redundency i.e if a radio serving BCCH TRX goes down the BCCH TRX will automatically be switched to onother radio so will be the gprs/egprs service.


    Which type of freq hopping u want to implement depends on how many TRX u have.If you are using RTCs and you have 3-4 TRX then go for BBH if you are not using RTCs and Tight Freq reuse plan is there in your N/w.Then go for SFH.
    Which network you are working.


    what is an RTC?
    and I have already dicided to use SFH throughout the network, since I won’t have to hop on 4 frequencies because I have 4 TRX and it’s very easy to administrate. The other question that I can ask is about Pseodo random. If I make HSN=10 is the a formular that I can use to know the hopping sequence through my Mobile Allocation


    Dear KayDee

    BB Hopping: When you need to expansion number of TRX in each cell, it’s easily just define new 1 Frequecy for the new TRX. But, it’s hard to plan the frequency in the city.

    Synthesizer Hopping: We use a group of frequencies for 1 cell. Example 1 Group = 10 freq (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19)
    and if a cell has 5 TRX, when we expasion to be 6 TRX. We no need to find the new one frequency. It’s easily for city.

    However I think we can use BBH or SHP no matter EDGE or not. Can you give me Simens document about EDGE?

    rajiv verma

    i want to notes gsm 900 freq. hopping

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 118 total)
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