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Reply To: Nokia DX200 switch


hi, Louis,
ok, on r2mfc – lsi – line signalling( seizure, seiz. ack,release,idle etc. signals in 16 timeslot in pcm ) , inr – register signals (send digit of number, send category, send digit of calling party number, subscriber idle, subscriber busy, congestion etc freq.signals in voice cannels).to choose lsi you need anderstand do you need bidirectional/incoming/outgoing channels, for inst, brr2d-bidir. when you choose inr, you need understand dou you need a-calling party number and ect(irr20,irr21). usually, inr and lsi – country specific parameters, so I need know where you from to answer you. second your quiestion – if you have lan connection it would simplier not to send from switch, but to take from w/s by ftp – use “get” command – see ftp commands desciption. so, where are you from ?