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Reply To: AudioCodes MP 104 password reset


I found in my garage one MP-108 FXS AudioCodes this is souvenir from my old ISP. Im never played with VoIP toys.
I dont have documentation or audiocodecs cd. I want to use this for extension on my PBX.

serial – when i connect by rs232 i can see boot configuration but just this, like its config for rs232 is for view only.
web – over my browser again i cant connect because i dont know userpassword * its not Admin Admin *
tftp – i dont have a audiocodecs cd whit tools .. but I found some Bootp software .. over IP MAC .. i cant make it to send reset.ini
reset – I hold reset button over 30 seconds .. turn off .. hold .. turn on .. A lot of experiments but still dont have success

Can someone help me ? Whit some software .. and advice