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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

Saul Bejarano

At least is running on Sybase not over Mysql like all the other crap that is around in the market.
Personally I see the database very robust, I do not care if it is a version developed by the mother of the friend of a close neighbor of the guy that worked near the office of an ex-employee of Sybase, but it works pretty good, my question is, if you are so interested in this task why don’t you try going legal don’t you think that if this was something with unpaid fees Sybase would not have been the first company to jump over?
You are loosing ground friend, next what? the debate will catch apache because apache is also free, or probably will Catch GCC because most of the C++ code of if.cgi is written in C++, or maybe we should check if the Kernel of linux is licensed right? because first kernel codes where also free 🙂

Life is long and hard guys,

Suck My Life.