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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

Sybase – VoiceMaster

Ted to Boris:

I am an ex-employee of Sybase and
a current employee of a company
that uses SysMaster’s VoiceMaster.
I think VoiceMaster is using a very old version of Sybase that was made available for free but it is not supported by Sybase.
So SysMaster is not entitled to paying license fees to Sybase. (b/w the db is crap)
Then there is the whole think about the gatekeeper being based on Asterisk. Basically what this means is that Sysmaster doesn’t pay a penny in license fees and
they make a killer profit of a single unit sold. And then some of you wonder why SysMaster doesn’t provide root pwds to their clients or how come their prices are so low. Seems they have something to hide. The whole
system is a fancy package for open source/free software.