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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

Saul Bejarano

Well it seems that this is a never ending conversation about licenses and all the crap.
I have not seen any but believe me any single posting that will lead to a solution of a problem, everybody posting a message here against Sysmaster or saying how bad is it or licences, if it is not about Asterisk is about the GNUGK and now Sybase, I just laught reading all this stupidity, you all guys lost the focus of this business (PRODUCTIVITY) use what you have and use it well, In spanish there is a saying “If you receive from the sky lemmons, learn how to make a good lemmonade” so far despite all the bla bla bla about how bad or how this or that is Sysmaster I find it one of the best solutions available right now in the market, and I challenge anybody to show me something diferent.
All people that I have served as a consultant is happy with the system and initially they were as frustrated as many people here, the only thing I showed them is the level of ignorance that they had begore getting into this business and opened them to a painfull learning procedure where they had to grasp the basics of the technology that they were working with, to help this process we even developed a Forum where we accept anybody who has something positive to post, a good question, a great problem, a new challenge, a configuration problem, people totally open to accept they’re mistake and learn how to do things better you can approach and see how almost 200 users found answer to they’re questions and now they exchange information at many levels.
Sysmaster works and works good.
As any other system as cisco, quintum or any other provider, patches, caveats and improvements are posted and issued constantly.
I understand now about the Tecnical support issue, Most of the customers try to work a DO IT MYSELF scenario with no knowledge and as soon as they find a problem connecting they call technical support at sysmaster, what this companies need is a technician not a technical support engineer, there is not technical problem with the system, there is lack of knowledge of the technology H323 and SIP on the side of the customer.
Many people will agree or disagree with what I am saying, however you all know that the problem here is not the car but the driver.

Best Regards,