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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!


This is following my question on the 7/21/05:

We have developed an Intel chip that will revolutionize VoIP equipment. The strategy is to offer something above Sysmaster:

What we have seen so far in the VoIP industry is that tons of resources are already available in software. The only thing hurting investors is reliable hardware that will allow:

1. Thousands of concurrent calls
2. Good price
3. Good support

We have developed a strong model that has resolved the above tree issues. What we are now looking for is input from the customer base (you), as to what sort of features you would like to have on a Gatekeeper for billing purposes and server access control. Taking the information straight from you, especially, from those that have had unpleasant experience with Sysmaster, we think, would be a very good source of requirement development analysis.

We think we could deploy a complete VoIP architecture (emission and reception of phone calls + basic phone features + prepaid and postpaid PIN) for $30,000 or less. This will include training + support for minimal fees, as deemed necessary to make you happy.

Our philosophy is completely the opposite of that of Sysmaster.

We would like to help. We spent $17,000 on Sysmaster product, which are now taken offline and are sitting in a box at our warehouse. We approached those 4 months ago because we wanted to test the industry with something deployable out of the box. We quickly find out that we have chosen the wrong company since their philosophy is completely departed from ours.

Send us some lines as to the requirements you would like to have on a gatekeeper for billing purposes.