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Reply To: Real Sysmaster please stand up!

Current Employee

Let’s be realistic. Everyone on this forum kills for insider information.So, when somebody actually comes on the forum and gives real information the only people who defend Sysmaster are it’s management or employees with major deals on the line that are overcoming objectives (or possible resellers with deals on the line, but, nobody publically will admit their association). If you are in fact a happy customer than good for you. You are one of the few.

There is a reason why there is no corporate profile on the website; Paranoia! How many people would like to know what Boris,Kirk,Plamen, or Martin looks like? “Sysmaster is the number 1 billing provider in the world!” How come nobody knows who owns the company?” Psychology 101 people. (I’ve had clients threaten to come to the office and get even)

Mike Fahey is the number one reason why Sysmaster was successful. Now that he’s gone you can bet that myself and some others will be out as well.