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Reply To: Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>


First and foremost, how many successful implementations of the Sysmaster NORFA systems are live today making revenue with more than 1000 customers? NONE. This system is designed to work with calling cards. It is a joke they want to as of current sysmaster web site, push Triple Play services. This will NEVER work with their platform. Their CEO does not want to spend revenue on R&D ..If you do not believe ask to see where they do Q&A for their products.

Time and time again people and companies have spent a good deal of money from 10K for a gateway to 500K plus for their failed broadband voip services . If you have turned up substantial revenue to come up with a decent or any type of return of investment please post it here. Business model, etc.

Thanks and have a gin and tonic on my behalf…