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Reply To: Sysmaster Voicemaster DECEPTION>


hey guys i have read all the Topic then i Must say that you are not able to talk about this line of equipmets for this simple reason
– you are not qualified persons , you are black holes because you look for problems in equipments i mean this is not a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) that you can plug and tur it on, even for NES you have to read the manual or ask tou your father to help you how to connect it OK. now i recomend to you people not to talk about an equipmet that in your entire life could be made by you(i mean your own hands) try asterisk and you in the future will write post about asterisk is BAD , try to be objectives, you must read a lot, dont spend your time in chat, you must to prepare for the future and learn a lot of things that will come
regards Amigos